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When do work zone crashes happen most often?

Whether you are a road worker or you regularly drive through a work zone as you are heading to your job, you may want to keep in mind that certain times of year could be particularly dangerous. In Rome, and across all of Georgia's cities, the lives of road workers are cut short far too often because of the negligence of drivers. Sometimes, these accidents are caused by drivers who are under the influence, while others happen because people ignore signs or fail to reduce their speed.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that fatal work zone accidents occur more often during summertime in comparison to other seasons. Between May and September, more of these collisions happen than any other time of year. In fact, 607 such accidents took place over the course of 2014, resulting in the loss of 669 lives. Furthermore, the middle of the week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) was the most dangerous time of week.

Facts about falls and tips for preventing them

No matter where you are or what you are doing in Georgia, if you slip or trip and fall, you could be at risk for an injury. If you are looking at a smartphone or are distracted in another way, you may be responsible for the harm you suffer and the costs of medical attention. However, if your environment causes the fall in some way, the person who is responsible for the safe maintenance of the property may be at fault. Our legal team at Cromartie Law often helps clients analyze whether someone else’s failure to make an area safe caused a fall.

The National Safety Council notes that you may be most likely to fall in areas where there are uneven or unstable surfaces. Stairs and ramps are often fall locations, as well as anywhere that is above ground level and does not have a proper guard. Surfaces around doorways are often subject to weather conditions, and these frequently cause slipping hazards.

Determining eligibility for workers' compensation

Many employees who are injured on the job can receive workers' compensation benefits in Georgia, but some specific rules apply in determining the eligibility. Even if employees are eligible, they may not have the freedom to choose all of the procedures and care providers they wish under their benefits.

The Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation emphasizes the importance of reporting all workplace injuries to employers immediately. Reporting an injury provides documentation of the circumstances under which it occurred and begins the evaluation of an employee's eligibility for workers' compensation.

How does informed consent work in Georgia nursing homes?

When you are a patient, you expect your health care provider in Georgia to provide you with the details of the diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and you have the right to choose. This is known as informed consent. Your loved one in a nursing home should also be able to choose, either providing the go-ahead personally or through a surrogate. Otherwise, medications or care plans may be used that would have results that do not meet your loved one’s best interest.

According to the Long Term Care Community Coalition, Georgia law does not actually say that informed consent is necessary in nursing homes. However, the Bill of Rights for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities does say that the resident, or you if you are the guardian, must be allowed to be involved in health care decisions. Every time a doctor wants to make a change in the treatment plan, he or she should tell you of your participation rights.

How to share the road with commercial vehicles

Many motorists believe that truckers and commercial vehicle operators are at fault for the most of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the roads in Georgia. Even though truckers have gotten a bad rep from spending long hours on the roads, driving while fatigued and engaging in other dangerous actions while driving, they are not at fault for some of the truck and car wrecks that occur. According to, when cars and commercial vehicles collide, it is usually the fault of passenger vehicle operators. 

Drivers should exercise caution and care when driving near trucks. Here are some ways motorists can share the roads with commercial vehicles. 

Tips to avoid an accident as a pedestrian

The Centers for Disease Control reports that over 5,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2015. Another 129,000 pedestrians were treated in the emergency department for non-fatal injuries in a traffic accident. The pedestrians most at risk for a fatality in a traffic crash are those over 65 years old and children under the age of 15. 

The CDC recommends that pedestrians take these prevention measures to stay safe on the road: 

  • Make sure you wear visible clothing when you are walking
  • For nighttime walks, carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing
  • Cross the street at designated crosswalks or intersections
  • Walk on the sidewalk or a path
  • If you do have to walk on the road, use the shoulder and walk towards traffic
  • Avoid distractions when walking
  • Do not assume drivers will give pedestrians the right of way
  • Attempt to make eye contact with each driver when you are crossing a street
  • Do not walk after drinking alcohol, as this increases your risk of an accident
  • Know your surroundings
  • If you do need to cross the street at someplace other than an intersection, wait for all traffic to pass before crossing
  • Do not walk on interstate highways 

How tractor trailer underride guards save lives

In a crash between a car and a semitruck in Georgia, the large truck driver is the one most likely to be able to walk away. This is due to the differences in size, weight and ground clearance. However, Forbes magazine reports that often, it is also because the tractor trailer does not have the safety features that would save the lives of passengers in smaller vehicles.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers have been performing studies on the need for underride guards on trailers for years. When installed at the bottom of the trailer, these hang down low enough to catch the front of a vehicle and prevent it from sliding underneath. In the U.S., mandatory rear underride guards are already lowering the risk of serious and fatal injuries in rear-end collisions.

How does common sense prevent slip-and-fall accidents?

Being alert to your surroundings is always a good idea. However, when you are shopping or eating at a restaurant in Georgia, you should not have to think constantly about whether there may be an issue with the floor that could make you fall. According to EHS Today, though, slip-and-fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits every year.

You may decide to take your case to court seeking compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages you suffered if you feel that someone else’s negligence caused your fall. If you do, you should know that one of the primary factors a judge and jury examine is whether the defendant displayed common sense.

Car accidents and their effect on your insurance rate

Every day, thousands of Georgia residents like yourself, rely on their cars to get them safely from one place to another. However, involvement in a car accident is sometimes unavoidable and can result in consequences like increased insurance rates. At Cromartie Law, we understand the complications of dealing with injury accidents.

According to the Huffington Post, there are several factors that could contribute to an increase in your insurance rate following a car accident. These include the following:

  • Fault: If you were the driver at fault for causing an accident, your chances of dealing with rate increases are heightened significantly.
  • Value: Have you been with the same insurance company for years? Is your driving record fairly clean? Your insurance company will assess your value to them when modifying your rate.
  • Severity: If you are involved in a severe accident that resulted in significant injuries to you, your passengers, or other parties, your rate could be modified indefinitely. Especially, if you are found to be the driver at fault.
  • Policy: With such a broad array of insurance policies, clauses and specifications, you can anticipate your coverage to play into any decisions made about whether or not to increase your rate.

Standards of care to consider when scoping out nursing homes

Researching and comparing nursing home facilities in Georgia is often the beginning step of finding an establishment that meets your expectations for compassionately caring for your loved one. At Cromartie Law, we understand the concerns you may have regarding the protection of your family member.

According to The University of Scranton, your loved one is one of approximately 1.6 million people who live and are cared for in a nursing home. They suggest several steps that managers can take to guarantee superior care of each resident. You can use these recommendations as well to gauge the credibility of a facility.

  • Staff attitude: Each staff member should uphold a positive attitude and have patience with each resident they care for. You can also look for indications that staff personnel are following designated protocols to keep residents safe and healthy.
  • Facility condition: The condition of the facility should be conducive to comfort, health and safety with proper lighting, clean floors and handicap accommodations. Technological devices should be up to date with industry standards and protocols.
  • Transparency: You should be able to have convenient access to facility-specific plans for emergency situations, as well as general operational policy guidelines. These should be posted in easy-to-see areas of the facility.

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