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Why is nursing home staffing so important?

Your loved one needs long-term care because of mobility or health issues, and you may assume that the Georgia nursing home staff will provide that assistance. However, this is not necessarily the case, particularly if he or she needs a significant amount of staff attention for basic self-care tasks such as getting out of bed or a chair, walking or going to the bathroom.

According to The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, understaffing is a serious problem that can put your loved one at risk. The federal government provides recommendations for staffing levels. Each resident should get a minimum of 4.1 hours of total care daily. This includes approximately half an hour from a licensed practical nurse and 45 minutes from an RN. The bulk of care, 2.8 hours, may be provided by nursing assistants. 

Drivers and pedestrians must obey crosswalk and intersection laws

Pedestrian safety is a priority in the traffic laws of Georgia. When foot travelers and drivers of cars share the road, it is important they follow safety guidelines. However, they must also obey the laws governing both forms of travel in order to avoid collisions and personal injury or death.

A recent fatality involved a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk when a driver who failed to stop struck him. While failing to stop after an accident is a severe violation of law all by itself, it may also be that not stopping to allow the pedestrian the right of way was a traffic violation regardless of the tragedy that also occurred.

Moving forward after a workplace traffic crash

Work-related accidents take all sorts of forms, some of which have been covered on this blog. From construction site accidents to repetitive strain, workers are hurt in many ways in Rome and other cities across Georgia. Our law firm also realizes the traffic-related dangers that workers in various fields face on a daily basis. For example, a taxi driver, large truck driver, delivery truck driver, or someone running errands for their employer could all become involved in a traffic collision while performing their job duties.

The consequences of a workplace traffic accident will vary from one case to another. Sometimes, workers lose their lives after being struck by a vehicle. However, you may have been hurt in a crash and you could be going through different struggles. From physical pain to lost wages which stem from taking time to recover, daily life can be quite hard. In some cases, workers are never able to return to their previous job after an accident.

Dram shop liability in drunk driving cases

When drunk drivers injure someone, they are not always the only ones who can be held liable for their actions. In some cases, laws called dram shop acts can also come into play. Here is a brief explanation of dram shop laws and how dram shop liability works in Georgia. 

As Findlaw explains, dram shop laws allow people who have been injured by a drunk driver to hold the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver alcohol accountable in court. Dram laws date back to the 1700s in England. Dram refers to the size of a spoonful of gin such as those sold at pubs and inns at that time. The rationale behind dram shop acts is that if the owner of a bar or pub allows someone to be served alcohol when they know that person could cause damage to people or property, the owner should be legally responsible for some of those damages. 

Recovering from a construction injury

If you are employed in the construction industry, you may face any number of risks on the job. Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, painter or work in any other field, there may be many hazards on Georgia job sites that could cause you to become seriously hurt. If you have sustained an injury, our law firm knows how pivotal it is to recover. Aside from physical recovery, it is also important for you to do what you can to recover financially, mentally and in terms of your career.

After a construction accident, you may find yourself having difficulty paying hospital bills or missing out on wages that you were counting on. Some people in this hard position have been able to access benefits through workers' compensation, which could help in many facets of life. For example, workers' comp benefits may help with hospital expenses, job training and monetary benefits that an injured worker and his or her family need. If you believe that you are eligible for these benefits, you should not waste any time when it comes to applying.

Drivers are their own worst enemy

Getting behind the wheel is not something most Georgia drivers fear, but the risk of being injured or killed in a collision is always a concern. A recent study has ranked drivers by state, and Georgia drivers are at the lower end of the safety spectrum.

According to EverQuote, Inc.'s report, generated from information gathered by their safe-driving app, Georgia rates 34th out of all 50 states for safe driving. When it comes to distracted driving, the Peach State fared even worse--41 percent of trips included at least one instance of the driver looking at his or her phone, earning the 42nd place in the country. Speeding was recorded on 38 percent of drives, leaving much room for improvement.

I-75 collision leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Perhaps nothing is more unsettling to a driver then getting a flat tire on any of the roads or highways in or around Rome. The feeling of helplessness from having a disabled vehicle may be compounded by the fact that one has to change the tire in order to get out the predicament. Working on a car near a roadway can always be a risky proposition. Often, the conditions do not allow one to pull far enough away from the main road in order to feel completely safe. In such a case, the one working on the vehicle likely holds out hope that other motorists will be aware of his or her presence and take added precautions. Sadly, that is not always the case. 

A person was killed in an accident that occurred recently on I-75 near Atlanta. The person had been helping the three other occupants of a disabled vehicle attempt to change the truck's tire. Another car struck the person as well as the truck. The person was killed and the other three sustained injuries that required treatment at a local medical center. Reports state that the truck had pulled on to the shoulder of the road, yet was still stopped partially in the HOV lane. 

Understanding your responsibilities as a pedestrian in traffic

As a pedestrian, you are more susceptible to injury on the road. For this reason, there are traffic laws in place specifically for those who walk instead of drive. Along with keeping drivers accountable, these laws also govern the acts of pedestrians.

If you recently received an injury due to an accident with a vehicle, you may qualify for an accident claim. In such cases, it is important you understand a few key things about your responsibilities as a pedestrian.

Being aware of tractor-trailer blind spots

Sharing the road is not just about keeping an eye out for pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles. The biggest vehicles on the road also require special consideration while driving. Road warriors in Georgia can stay safe by remembering this important safety information about tractor-trailer blind spots.

As the American Automobile Association describes, tractor-trailers are surrounded by extensive blind spots. A truck's forward blind spot stretches 10 to 20 feet in front of the cab, while its rear blind spot is about 200 feet long. To the left side of the cab, a blind spot extends well into the next two driving lanes. To the right, the largest blind spot extends even further. Cars that are traveling in those blind spots are effectively invisible to truck drivers, even with the use of their mirrors. Car passengers in the blind spots are at risk of being injured if the truck suddenly swerves, stops or changes lanes. Drivers should stay out of truck blind spots as much as possible.

What can I do about toxic chemical exposure in my workplace?

As a worker in Georgia, you should know that sudden, acute injuries are not the only threat to your health at work. Occupational diseases can also have a major impact on your life.

As FindLaw reports, one major source of occupational disease is the exposure to hazardous chemicals. You can protect yourself by recognizing and mitigating the effects of toxic chemicals in your workplace. Under federal law, employers are required to inform their employees about toxic exposure risks in the workplace through the display of Material Safety Data Sheets. MSDS identify the risks of a potentially toxic substance and instructions for safe handling of that substance.

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