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Avoiding repetitive-stress injuries in the workplace

If you are one of the thousands of Georgians working on an assembly line or sitting at an office desk all day long, you may have experienced persistent bodily strain resulting from repetitive movements. Completing the same tasks every single day can take a significant toll and leave you prone to repetitive-stress injuries. At Cromartie Law, we have helped many people like yourself to understand workers’ compensation and protect themselves in case of injury.

What are the workers’ compensation payment rules?

If you have been injured on the job in Georgia, then you are entitled to payments under workers’ compensation. Your employer must carry this insurance if it employs more than three people, according to State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This insurance will provide you with payments for medical-related expenses and for wage compensation while you are unable to work due to your injury or illness. In the event of your death, benefits are paid to your spouse and/or children.

What are the fatal four construction accidents?

If you are employed in the construction industry, you may know that it is one of the most dangerous in the nation. According to the United States Department of Labor, approximately one in five, or 21.4 percent, of worker fatalities were in the construction industry in 2015. The term ‘fatal four’ was created to represent the top four top causes of construction worker deaths in Georgia and across the nation.

Can I get workers’ compensation for repetitive stress injuries?

Workplace injuries are an all too common occurrence in many workplaces in Rome. Whether you work in an office, healthcare setting or manufacturing plant, at some point you may find yourself wondering if you can get workers’ comp for repetitive stress injuries. You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you can prove your injuries are related to your current job duties.

Dangers to workplace safety

Employers in Georgia are expected to provide safe facilities for their employees in order to minimize the chance of workplace injuries. Even in an office setting, there are several areas which may present a danger to employees if not maintained properly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, people who work at a desk for long periods of time are susceptible to injuries such as back and eye strain. Employers should provide their workers with high quality, ergonomic chairs which provide optimal back support. Additionally, adjusting the lighting to compensate for extended computer use may be helpful.

Traumatic brain damage: A common workplace injury

When a person experiences a workplace accident that causes an unexpected and abrupt jolt to the head, they run the risk of developing a traumatic brain injury. The forceful impact can cause the soft brain tissue to smack into the hard bony skull, damaging the delicate tissue. According to the National Library of Medicine, there are at least 1.7 million reported cases of traumatic brain damage every year across the country. Brain damage is considered one of the most common workplace injuries in the U.S. and is a major cause of loss of production for companies across many industries.

Minimize on-the-job risks and accidents

Some workers in Georgia have jobs that are accompanied by certain risks. This is especially true in industries like construction, or ones that deal with lifting large loads or working with heavy machinery. However, accidents can happen anywhere to anyone. Fortunately, steps can be taken to minimize the chance of accidents happening.

Worker’s compensation and preexisting conditions

In Georgia, the rules governing workers’ compensation are detailed and exacting, setting out precise requirements for and limitations on the benefits that must be provided to injured workers. However, the act also places specific restrictions on the circumstances under which injuries are to be covered.

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