Confident Representation In Matters Involving Civil Rights Violations

At Cromartie Law in Rome, we are passionate about fighting abuses of power, particularly those committed by police officers, police departments and other government entities. We are dedicated to keeping these parties honest and holding them accountable when they are not. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, we have the knowledge necessary to go up against these powerful opponents and get compensation for the innocent victims they have harmed.

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Compensation For Police Brutality Victims

Of the civil rights law cases we handle, the most common involve police officers who go too far in the line of duty. We represent people who have been the victims of excessive force in the form of police beatings, police stun gun attacks, police shootings and more.

We understand that there are many good police officers, but we also know that officers are trained to use force only when necessary. Unfortunately, there are those few who use force because they think they have the right to hand out punishments. That is not their job, regardless of the crime a person has been accused of. That is the court's job.

All Types Of Civil Rights Violations

Civil rights violations do not only happen during arrests for criminal offenses — they can happen in many places, including jails and prisons. These violations can be committed by prison guards, security guards and more. For example, if a person's serious medical condition is ignored by prison guards and, left untreated, that condition grows worse, those guards and that prison should be held accountable for the additional damage caused by the untreated condition. We are ready to handle challenging cases like these.

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