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Responding appropriately if you are the victim of a hit and run

Hit and runs can happen when you are inside of your vehicle or nowhere in sight. However, discovering that the driver who hit you is avoiding responsibility for the damage he or she caused, can be frustrating and demoralizing. At Cromartie Law, we are committed to helping people in Georgia who have been victims of hit and run accidents. 

Losing a job and the risk of a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents may occur because a driver is under the influence, or they may happen as a result of speeding, ignoring signs and a lack of experience. Sometimes, there are certain stressors in life which can increase the likelihood of a crash, such as the loss of a job. When someone loses their job, especially if they did not see it coming, this can lead to significant stress, sleep problems, substance abuse, depression and other challenges, all of which may increase the likelihood of an auto accident.

Are traffic accident deaths more likely during Memorial Day?

Motor vehicle wrecks can be extremely difficult for victims and their family members. However, some are especially devastating, such as collisions which claim lives. It is important for drivers to be vigilant and recognize times when fatal accidents may be more likely to occur. For example, drivers should be especially cautious during Memorial Day weekend and other times of the year when there is an increase in the number of fatal traffic crashes.

Foot injuries and motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents can result in many different consequences that not only turn the lives of victims upside down, but their loved ones' lives may be affected also. There are countless ways in which motor vehicle accident victims are injured, whether they sustain a broken neck or brain damage after hitting their head. However, it is important to recognize some of the other injuries which may not receive as much attention but can be very devastating for victims, such as foot injuries.

Car accidents and college graduation

For many college students and their families, this time of year is exciting because years of hard work will pay off and students will finally have earned their college degree. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle collision can shatter graduation celebrations, and may also result in many challenges for recent grads and their loved ones. Sometimes, these accidents prove fatal, which is especially upsetting. Even when those involved survive the crash, they may face a number of physical and financial problems. This can be especially tough for a recent graduate who was planning on starting their career.

The long-term consequences of pedestrian accidents

Those who are involved in a pedestrian accident may struggle with a number of consequences that affect them right away, such as intense pain and an injury that may take away their ability to work or take part in activities they enjoy. The financial consequences may also be immediately evident, with high medical costs and lost wages. However, it is also important for victims of pedestrian accidents and their loved ones to be aware of some of the long-term consequences that they may encounter as a result of the accident.

Facial scarring due to a car crash

The emotional and financial consequences of a car wreck can be devastating, whether someone has trouble paying their hospital bills or sustains deep mental trauma as a result of the accident. However, the physical toll can be unbearable as well, and people are injured in many ways during these wrecks. Not only do some accident victims suffer broken bones, brain trauma and damage to their back or spinal cord, but some may sustain injuries to their face which result in scarring. Facial scarring can be especially tough because accident victims may be repeatedly asked questions about what happened, and they may feel insecure about their appearance.

Understanding pedestrian rules of the road

If you happen to be involved in an auto-pedestrian accident while driving in Rome, it may be easy for outsiders to put the blame on your by default. The pedestrian absorbing the full impact of the collision while you were protected by your car may cause many to assign you fault due to feeling sympathy for the pedestrian. Many come to us here at Cromartie Law in the same scenario, concerned that this assumption may be harmful to them when liability issues are brought up. Yet it should be understood that while pedestrians do have their own traffic rights, the law also imposes restrictions on them. 

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