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Truck maintenance and the risk of a crash

Between the amount of time it can take a trucker to slow down and their massive size, large trucks can be deadly when they collide with another vehicle. Sadly, this happens too often in Georgina and the rest of the country. There are many reasons why large truck wrecks occur and we have covered some on this blog, such as truck driver fatigue, intoxicated driving, etc. It is also important to point out that negligent truck maintenance is responsible for some of the large truck collisions that happen. Sadly, some trucking companies fail to take these matters seriously, thereby increasing the chances of a crash significantly.

What are some causes of trucker fatigue?

For all drivers, fatigue can be incredibly dangerous. When people are too tired to drive to the fullest of their ability, they may be more likely to cause a fatal accident or a crash which leaves innocent people with injuries. Unfortunately, this problem is especially concerning in the trucking industry and many large truck drivers take to the road when they are too tired. In Georgia, and on roads across the United States, truck companies and drivers should recognize this problem and take steps to reduce the prevalence of truck driver fatigue.

Being aware of tractor-trailer blind spots

Sharing the road is not just about keeping an eye out for pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles. The biggest vehicles on the road also require special consideration while driving. Road warriors in Georgia can stay safe by remembering this important safety information about tractor-trailer blind spots.

How to share the road with commercial vehicles

Many motorists believe that truckers and commercial vehicle operators are at fault for the most of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the roads in Georgia. Even though truckers have gotten a bad rep from spending long hours on the roads, driving while fatigued and engaging in other dangerous actions while driving, they are not at fault for some of the truck and car wrecks that occur. According to, when cars and commercial vehicles collide, it is usually the fault of passenger vehicle operators. 

How tractor trailer underride guards save lives

In a crash between a car and a semitruck in Georgia, the large truck driver is the one most likely to be able to walk away. This is due to the differences in size, weight and ground clearance. However, Forbes magazine reports that often, it is also because the tractor trailer does not have the safety features that would save the lives of passengers in smaller vehicles.

Truck accidents vs car accidents

Every accident in Georgia is different and involves different factors, so a side by side comparison of accidents involving a car or a truck can be difficult. However, when looking at a comparison of which vehicle would be better off in a collision accident, Big City Driver reports that trucks usually come out on top because of their size. Cars are simply smaller and less sturdily built, which means they sustain more damage.

Inclement weather and truck crashes

From excessive speeds to truck driver fatigue, large truck crashes have a variety of causes. However, it is vital for drivers to realize the dangers associated with inclement weather when they get behind the wheel. In Rome, Georgia, and on roads across the country, poor weather conditions can increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, when large trucks collide with other vehicles, the outcome is often particularly upsetting due to the size of trucks, drivers having difficulty slowing down and other factors.

Double and triple trailers on semis: What are the risks?

You may be hesitant to drive near a semitruck that has two or even three trailers on it. According to the Georgia Commercial Drivers Manual, your fears of a truck crash may not be unfounded. Although trucking companies are legally able to deploy these vehicles across the state, there are many factors that make them more dangerous than their single-trailer counterparts.

Tips for sharing the road with large trucks

Being on a Georgia road with a large truck can be intimidating. reports that the dangers that face car drivers are high, with smaller vehicle occupants accounting for 68 percent of the fatalities in crashes involving large trucks. Part of the reason for this is the differences in the size and weight of the two type of vehicles and how these differences affect operations. There are several things that all drivers can do to safely share the road with large trucks and avoid accidents.

What You Should Do If Your Are In An Accident With A Commercial Vehicle

No matter where you travel in northwest Georgia, you will be sharing the road with 18-wheeler semi trucks. Workers and work vehicles commute from areas all over Floyd County, reporting to industries in Rome that include food production; paper production; tire manufacturing; and carpet manufacturing just to name a few. If you are like most drivers, you may give little thought to what would happen if you were in a collision with one of the large commercial trucks.

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