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What causes a truck accident?

When you're on the road, your vehicle is no match for the average commercial truck or semi. Their sheer size and weight virtually guarantee that any accident will be serious. That's why you always do your part and give commercial vehicles a wide berth, avoid riding in their blind spots and never cut them off in traffic.

Proposal to have truckers under 21 drive interstate is concerning

Georgia, like all states with the exception of Hawaii, permits drivers 18 and older to obtain a CDL. CDL holders under 21 can only travel intrastate. Back in February 2019, though, a bill was introduced that may make interstate driving open to all truckers. The bill is called the Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy Act.

CVSA's 2020 International Roadcheck to take place in May

Every year in Georgia and across the rest of North America, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a 72-hour inspection blitz called the International Roadcheck. CMV drivers are stopped at random to see if they are in compliance with all driver- and truck-related federal regulations. If they fail the tests, they or their trucks are put out of service.

Federal agency to investigate trucking accidents

Truck accidents can pose a real threat to others on the road in Georgia. Because of the size and weight of these large vehicles, those involved in a crash with a semi-truck are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or even fatalities. Some statistics have indicated that large truck crashes are on the rise, prompting concerns. Now, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced that it is planning its first major study of tractor-trailer collisions in 15 years. The FMCSA study will look at the problems involved in large truck collisions, including the potential influence of mobile devices and distracted driving on trucking accidents.

Speeding, poor maintenance factors in truck crashes

Georgia motorists are often nervous or worried about sharing the road with large trucks. In some ways, their fears are often justified. A crash involving a tractor-trailer is far more likely to injure or kill occupants of other vehicles, simply due to the size and weight of a semi. There are a number of factors that can contribute to truck accidents. While truck drivers are often highly skilled and well-trained, they are vulnerable to the same types of distractions and poor decisions as others on the road. In addition, the consequences of these types of bad decisions can be much more severe.

Five of the most common reasons for truck crashes

Georgia residents should know that there are a number of ways that a collision can occur between an 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle. There are at least five extremely common causes of truck accidents, the first being driver error. Truckers may speed, drive drowsy or be negligent in some other way. However, studies show that in 81% of truck crashes caused by driver error, it's the passenger vehicle driver who is to blame.

No solution in sight as truck crash deaths continue to rise

Commercial truck crashes are on the rise in Georgia and across the U.S., and so are the number of deaths arising from them. Between 2009 and 2017, there was a 28% increase in them with 4,102 deaths in the latter year. The majority of those who lost their lives were occupants in passenger vehicles. To lower the number of crashes and fatalities, safety groups have pushed for the incorporation of new safety tech on commercial trucks.

Operation Safe Driver Week ends in nearly 47,000 citations

Truckers in Georgia may know that for 2019, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held Operation Safe Driver Week between July 14 and 20. This week of increased traffic law enforcement ended with officers issuing 46,752 citations and 87,624 warnings to passenger vehicle drivers and CMV drivers across the U.S.

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