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What are "bedsores"?

Any of our Georgia readers who have been in a medical facility have probably heard doctors and nurses express concerns about "bedsores." Bedsores are of particular concern with elderly patients, or patients who are suffering from some type of injury or illness that limits their mobility. But what exactly are "bedsores"? Why are they such a concern, and how can they have a negative effect on medical patients?

What is a bed sore, and when is it a sign of neglect?

There are many types of neglect that can occur in a nursing home setting, but one of the easiest to prevent and oftentimes visually unsettling forms of neglect comes in the form of bed or pressure sores. A bed sore is an injury that can affect everything from the skin to the bone of a person. Bed sores occur when there is constant pressure applied to an area of the body which not only bruises the skin, can also but lower or cut off blood circulation.

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