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Negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is an opportunity for a deceased person's estate or their loved ones to recover compensation for the loss of life. The goal is to hold accountable the person, people or entity responsible for the individual's death. Most wrongful death cases are determined by proving a claim of negligence or that there was intent to harm against the defendant. In order to make a showing for a case of negligence, a Georgia resident must prove the elements by a preponderance of the evidence.

Georgia family die after being rear-ended on highway

Not only are Georgia car accidents seemingly random, but so are their effects. A car can be completely mangled, but the driver walks away without a scratch. What appears to be nothing more than a fender bender, can result in years of pain and rehabilitation. A small bump to the back of a moving car sends it spiraling out of control, taking the lives of all inside, but the car and driver that hit them suffer no damage. The type and results of an accident are almost limitless, but one thing remains the same, the serious effects it has on its victims and those that love them.

Damages in a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit

The vast majority of all civil cases, including those in Georgia, end with a determination and an award of damages. The exact nature of the damages received will depend on the type of case that is being heard and what the plaintiff request. Often times, what damages boils down to is a monetary award based off of compensatory or punitive. A wrongful death judgment can include an award for damages based off of one or both theories.

Wal-Mart faces suit over accident that left one dead

Semi-trucks carry over half of the United States' goods to various points across the several states, as well as Canada. Being a professional driver is not without its risk, as most auto accidents are caused by human error. The roadways are full of drivers being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices, but semi-truck drivers who spend long hours traversing America's interstates have to contend with a greater threat: fatigue.

Woman killed in truck accident

A 51-year-old Georgia woman was killed in a car accident involving a work truck on March 5. According to the report, she was heading south in her Honda Accord on Veterans Memorial Parkway at approximately 6:18 a.m. when the work truck, driven by a 37-year-old man, made a left hand turn at an intersection and struck her in the driver's side door.

Georgia man killed in 5-car pileup on Islands Expressway

Savannah-Chatham police department investigators say that a local man was killed when an SUV crossed into oncoming traffic and started a five-vehicle pileup on the Islands Expressway. The traffic accident happened at about 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 27, closing the westbound lanes of President Street for several hours while police investigated the scene.

Parents sue acne med manufacturer over son's suicide

Georgia residents may be interested in a lawsuit that has being filed against the makers of a prescription acne medication. The parents of a teenage boy who took his own life are claiming that Allergan and Amerisource Bergen are liable for the boy's death. According to the wrongful death claim, ingredients in the topical medication known as Aczone resulted in the boy developing severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Multi-vehicle accident on Georgia I-75 claims two lives

A traffic accident involving eight vehicles left a stretch of I-75 in Georgia temporarily closed during rush hour on the afternoon of Nov. 14. Police from Marietta and Cobb County responded to the multi-vehicle accident, which resulted in two deaths and three reported injuries. The initial collision involved a BMW hit from the rear by a truck driver. The BMW caught fire as a result. Other details of the collision were not made available in this report.

Woman dies in Atlanta when car stops on I-20

A Washington, D.C. female radio personality who had been living for weeks in the metro Atlanta area was killed in a car accident on Oct. 24 on the Interstate 20. The woman had been on her way to work at around 5:30 a.m. when she was struck by another vehicle at the I-285 southbound exit.

Georgia teenager killed and another injured by distracted driver

A Georgia teenager is dead and his brother has been injured after a distracted driver left the road and collided with them. Local police are investigating the crash, and the driver is now facing homicide charges.

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