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An overview of drunk driving accident statistics in Georgia

Lawmakers and law enforcement officials in Georgia, as in all other states, are constantly trying to find new ways to prevent drunk driving accidents. There are many different options available, whether it is from education campaigns to expanded enforcement patrols around certain holidays. However, in every state drunk drivers continue to cause deadly car accidents.

When can a plaintiff recover punitive damages for a car accident?

People file civil cases for a nearly limitless amount of reasons, but most cases can be summed up as seeking to make someone stop or start engaging in an activity, a contract dispute, or a dispute over damages. The various types of awards granted are used to try and make a party whole again or at the very least compensate them for their injuries.

Police officer injured in car accident responding to call

A car accident in Rome, Georgia can happen to anyone at any time including those in positions of responsibility like police officers. They can occur for a multitude of reasons including negligence, recklessness and a drunk driver. When a person is injured in an auto accident, there is the chance that there will be significant medical expenses and other issues that will affect their lives and the lives of their families.

2 charged after fatal car accident on Interstate 75/85 in Georgia

With all the ads reminding drivers to drive safely around motorcycles and to avoid driving after consuming alcohol, there is no reason a drunk driver should be on the road. There is also no reason a driver should hit a motorcycle. In a recent accident along Interstate 75/85 in Atlanta, an alleged drunk driver hit a motorcycle in an accident that was fatal.

Some holidays more dangerous than others on the road

Many Georgia residents may hit the road on Christmas and New Years to celebrate with friends and family who live far away. Because of this increased traffic, the number of accidents may also rise. In fact, there may have been as many as 250 people killed and 27,900 injured in car accidents this past holiday season. However, these holidays may not be the most dangerous for those on the road.

Driver charged with DUI in north Georgia crash

Georgia State Police charged a woman with DUI and other violations after a serious crash that occurred at about 10 a.m. on Aug. 6 in Murrayville. The police reported that the woman drove across the road and hit a vehicle that was heading in the opposite direction. Both the driver of the vehicle and his passenger were injured in this car accident.

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