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Examining the frequency and types of elder abuse

The rights and wellbeing of senior citizens is an important issue that should be made more prominent as to expose any wrongdoing. Nursing home abuse, in particular, is a primary target to address, simply because so many people rely on these facilities as they get older. But just how prevalent is elder abuse?

How common is elder abuse and nursing home neglect?

Most of our readers in North Georgia probably have elderly relatives who they respect and love, and they want to see those relatives taken care of as they live out their "golden years." Unfortunately, the reality is that many of these elderly people will need more advanced medical care than what their family members can provide. In many cases, that means that the elderly relative will need to relocate to live in a nursing home or an assisted-living facility.

Where can Georgia residents go to report elder abuse?

As America's population ages more people than ever are in need of long-term care due to health issues. For millions of Americans, including many Georgia residents, this means a move to an assisted living facility, otherwise known as a nursing home. Staying in this type of facility can make day-to-day life easier for elderly people, as they receive assistance with many daily tasks that most of us take for granted.

Study reveals resident-on-resident nursing home abuse

Elder abuse comes in many different forms, including financial, physical, and emotional. Sometimes it is a caregiver stealing the elder's money or personal possessions. Other times, the abuse can just be an employee not doing his or her job, leaving a elder to waste away secluded and cut off from those that love him and her and the outside world. These abuses are all tragic, regardless of what form they take. But some of the most shocking and heart-wrenching cases involve an elder who is suffering from actual physical abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to be caring for him or her. Along the same vein is a type of abuse that is never talked about and likely often overlooked: resident against resident abuse.

Helping or hurting; when does overmedicating become abuse?

Growing old comes with an ever-growing list of the unexpected for not only the individual but for those that love and care for them. Sometimes this means dealing with mental diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia which can turn a loved one into a virtual stranger. Individuals coping with these diseases often need the type of around the clock care in which nursing homes specialize.

Reported cases of elder abuse rising in Georgia

Elder abuse is an important problem that has garnered more attention in recent years. Acts of negligence can occur not only in nursing homes but also in the family home. It is important for victims and their families to know that the elderly are entitled to a reasonable standard of care, and those who fall victim to nursing home neglect or abuse should strive to understand their options available under the law.

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