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Signs of potential neglect or abuse in a nursing home

If you have an elderly relative living in a nursing home in Georgia, you will know all too well the importance of knowing that they are being well taken care of. Numerous families make the decision every day to move a parent, grandparent or other family member into a care facility for the exact reason that living in such a place may offer the best opportunity for proper care. Unfortunately, there are situations when being in the very place designed to care for a person exposes them to being neglected or abused.

Identifying the professionals responsible for nursing home care

When families are searching for a reputable nursing home facility in Georgia, they often spend considerable time comparing their options to select one that will be the most applicable fit for their loved one. Often, this requires them to compare similarities and differences regarding location, pricing and fees, medical care and overall patient experience before making their final decision. 

Nursing home sued over resident's fatal fall

Those who entrust the care of their loved ones to nursing homes in Rome do so with the expectation that the staffs of such facilities are willing and equipped to provide the type of monitored and consistent care they themselves cannot. If concerns exist about a facility's ability to do so, one may look at the fact that a facility is licensed through the state as evidence that such worries are not warranted. Yet simply because a facility has a current license to provide care does not mean that instances of abuse and neglect have not happened there before. 

Scabies infestations put nursing home residents in danger

As other states do, Georgia has a regulatory agency that provides oversight to nursing home facilities. Such agencies should investigate reports of hazards and safety violations and ensure that these are corrected. According to the Washington Post, the Georgia Department of Community Health was notified of more than one scabies outbreak at a for-profit nursing home facility.

Is your loved one suffering harassment in a nursing home?

Nursing home living in Georgia should be a positive experience for your loved one. Medical, physical and emotional support should be available to help him or her live the best life possible during the golden years. Unfortunately, for many, this is not what happens.

Why is nursing home staffing so important?

Your loved one needs long-term care because of mobility or health issues, and you may assume that the Georgia nursing home staff will provide that assistance. However, this is not necessarily the case, particularly if he or she needs a significant amount of staff attention for basic self-care tasks such as getting out of bed or a chair, walking or going to the bathroom.

How does informed consent work in Georgia nursing homes?

When you are a patient, you expect your health care provider in Georgia to provide you with the details of the diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and you have the right to choose. This is known as informed consent. Your loved one in a nursing home should also be able to choose, either providing the go-ahead personally or through a surrogate. Otherwise, medications or care plans may be used that would have results that do not meet your loved one’s best interest.

Standards of care to consider when scoping out nursing homes

Researching and comparing nursing home facilities in Georgia is often the beginning step of finding an establishment that meets your expectations for compassionately caring for your loved one. At Cromartie Law, we understand the concerns you may have regarding the protection of your family member.

Measures that nursing homes can take to protect patients

Some seniors in Georgia reside in nursing home facilities because they need medical care, supervision and support that they are unable to receive in their homes. Many nursing homes have security measures in place to protect their residents; others do not. Nursing homes screen their staff carefully so they can hire the most qualified professionals. Sometimes, strict hiring criteria are not enough to keep bad caregivers from working for them.

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