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Does 'more expensive' equal better nursing care?

When you're searching for an assisted living facility for your loved one, it's natural to equate "more costly" with "better care." Otherwise, why else would the price be so high, right? Your loved one is supposed to be getting more focused care in an assisted living facility than in a nursing home, after all.

How understaffing makes a nursing home dangerous

Lots of people end up in nursing homes or extended-care facilities. While many of them are elderly, just about anybody can have a stint in a nursing home after they've been in an accident or go through a serious medical event. That's the accepted and trusted method for providing long-term care for people who cannot care for themselves for a while.

Recognizing nursing home abuse and neglect

Georgia residents with older family members often spend the time and resources to care for them so they may remain in their homes as they age. However, sometimes physical or mental health issues require the kind of professional care that is only available in a nursing home. Sadly, abuse and neglect are not uncommon issues in nursing homes. It is essential for individuals to understand the signs and symptoms of poor care so that they may take action if necessary.

How we fight for our clients' rights

Sometimes, the people we trust to care for our loved ones end up being unworthy of that trust. At Cromartie Law, we understand it is difficult to believe that experienced, certified caretakers could fail to the extent that they injure their wards. However, we also know that negligent nursing homes, day care centers and doctors in Virginia might use their position of trust in order to discourage people from seeking compensation for injuries. That is why we stand up for our clients and make sure justice is served.

How should you file a formal complaint against a nursing home?

When you did your research to find a reliable nursing home facility in Georgia that met your expectations for a quality standard of care for your loved one, you probably did not picture yourself having to file a complaint about the treatment of your family member. However, since you have begun to notice discrepancies and are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of your loved one, it has become necessary to file a formal complaint. 

Suspicions about nursing home abuse should be promptly reported

When families in Georgia put their trust in a nursing home facility to provide care for their loved one, they often hold the staff to high expectations as their family member is important to them. Unfortunately, there are times when certain facilities fail to abide by protocols designed by the law to protect the elderly from abuse and neglect, thus exposing residents to dangerous risks. 

Recognizing and addressing nursing home neglect

Many Georgia individuals have parents or family members who require constant care due to age or medical conditions. While it is sometimes possible for people to care for their family members in their own homes, many conditions require the medical resources of a nursing home. Unfortunately, nursing home residents may suffer from injuries or illnesses due to neglect. It is important for residents and their family members to recognize the signs of neglect so they may take action to remedy dangerous situations.

What are bedsores?

One of the basic expectations you should have of any nursing home or long-term care facility in Rome is that its staff will do everything possible to help your loved one avoid suffering preventable injuries. Slips and falls can happen despite even the best precautions, yet one type of injury that is almost completely preventable is a bedsore. Having entrusted a family member or friend to the care of such a facility, you should know what these are, how to spot them, and how they occur. 

How to prevent abuse and neglect of elders

In 2017, CNN published a set of articles on nursing home rapes that dominated headlines for months — if not years. The reason so many people in Georgia and the rest of America were appalled is obvious. Sexual crimes are always heinous, but are even more so when the victims are utterly helpless and may not even be able to recognize what is happening to them, much less name their abusers. As awareness increased, it also raised questions about other types of abuse that were rampant in nursing homes.

Male nurse gives up license following sexual assault arrest

It is not only Georgia's elderly who are at risk of neglect or abuse in long-term nursing facilities. A 29-year-old resident of such a facility in Arizona had been in a long-term vegetative state for years when she unexpectedly gave birth to a baby last December, shocking her caregivers who had no idea she was pregnant. An investigation yielded sufficient evidence for authorities to arrest a 36-year-old licensed practical nurse employed at the facility on charges of vulnerable adult abuse and sexual assault. That man has now voluntarily surrendered his nursing license.

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