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Why are seniors so susceptible to slip and falls?

Per the United States Census Bureau, nearly 13 percent of Georgia’s population is 65 or older. As an older American, you may be prone to suffering serious injury after a relatively small accident, even though a similar accident may cause only nominal harm to a younger person. This  is particularly true when it comes to slips and falls. reports that one in three seniors falls at least once a year, and that slips and falls are the single-largest cause of hospital admissions, injuries and fatalities among older Americans.

What are common injuries from slip-and-fall accidents?

Uneven or slick surfaces may seem insignificant, but they can lead to debilitating slip-and-fall injuries that can change your life forever. While many of victims in Georgia are elderly, there are many young, healthy people who also sustain severe injuries. The Brain Injury Society claims that 25 percent of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls and traumatic brain injuries occur from a fall 35 percent of the time. There are several other injuries that can occur when you slip.

How can I reduce the risk of falls of elderly guests?

You will no doubt have a full house this holiday season as loved ones stop by to share in the festivities. Unfortunately for older guests, the risk of falling in the home is a very real concern. That’s why it’s so important for New York home owners to be aware of this risk and take the proper steps to prevent a slip and fall accident from occurring.

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