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Reviewing employer workers' compensation requirements

You go to work in Rome every workday with the confidence and security that comes from knowing that were you to be injured while on the job, workers' compensation benefits would be available to cover many of the resulting expenses. Imagine the confusion, frustration and fear you might feel if after such an injury occurred, you were told by your employer that it did not offer such benefits. Such is the situation that many of those that we here at Cromartie Law have worked with have encountered. Typically, companies defend such a response by saying that they are not required to carry workers' compensation coverage. Thankfully, you can know for yourself whether that is true or not. 

Moving forward after a workplace traffic crash

Work-related accidents take all sorts of forms, some of which have been covered on this blog. From construction site accidents to repetitive strain, workers are hurt in many ways in Rome and other cities across Georgia. Our law firm also realizes the traffic-related dangers that workers in various fields face on a daily basis. For example, a taxi driver, large truck driver, delivery truck driver, or someone running errands for their employer could all become involved in a traffic collision while performing their job duties.

Recovering from a construction injury

If you are employed in the construction industry, you may face any number of risks on the job. Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, painter or work in any other field, there may be many hazards on Georgia job sites that could cause you to become seriously hurt. If you have sustained an injury, our law firm knows how pivotal it is to recover. Aside from physical recovery, it is also important for you to do what you can to recover financially, mentally and in terms of your career.

How many workers are killed and hurt in mining accidents?

When it comes to mining accidents, some people may think that injuries and fatalities hardly ever occur. While safety has improved considerably in comparison to generations ago, miners continue to face risks that can claim their lives or cause devastating injuries. For those who work in a mine, as well as the families of miners, recognizing how many fatalities and injuries occur in the mining industry may be useful.

When do work zone crashes happen most often?

Whether you are a road worker or you regularly drive through a work zone as you are heading to your job, you may want to keep in mind that certain times of year could be particularly dangerous. In Rome, and across all of Georgia's cities, the lives of road workers are cut short far too often because of the negligence of drivers. Sometimes, these accidents are caused by drivers who are under the influence, while others happen because people ignore signs or fail to reduce their speed.

Determining eligibility for workers' compensation

Many employees who are injured on the job can receive workers' compensation benefits in Georgia, but some specific rules apply in determining the eligibility. Even if employees are eligible, they may not have the freedom to choose all of the procedures and care providers they wish under their benefits.

Avoiding repetitive-stress injuries in the workplace

If you are one of the thousands of Georgians working on an assembly line or sitting at an office desk all day long, you may have experienced persistent bodily strain resulting from repetitive movements. Completing the same tasks every single day can take a significant toll and leave you prone to repetitive-stress injuries. At Cromartie Law, we have helped many people like yourself to understand workers’ compensation and protect themselves in case of injury.

What are the workers’ compensation payment rules?

If you have been injured on the job in Georgia, then you are entitled to payments under workers’ compensation. Your employer must carry this insurance if it employs more than three people, according to State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This insurance will provide you with payments for medical-related expenses and for wage compensation while you are unable to work due to your injury or illness. In the event of your death, benefits are paid to your spouse and/or children.

What are the fatal four construction accidents?

If you are employed in the construction industry, you may know that it is one of the most dangerous in the nation. According to the United States Department of Labor, approximately one in five, or 21.4 percent, of worker fatalities were in the construction industry in 2015. The term ‘fatal four’ was created to represent the top four top causes of construction worker deaths in Georgia and across the nation.

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