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Georgia collision between truck and car kills two

When on the road in Rome and throughout Georgia, drivers need to be vigilant of the presence of large trucks on the road. These vehicles are heavy, massive and can cause a significant amount of damage if there is a collision, especially if it is with a smaller vehicle. While in most instances, a truck driver is cautious and operates his or her vehicle safely, there are times when the driver might have been driving too long without a break, is speeding or violating some other law leading to a semi truck accident. Even if the driver is operating the vehicle safely, circumstances can lead to a crash.

Late night truck accident claims the lives of four

Not every vehicle in Rome, Georgia, is made the same. Motorcycles are light, fast, sexy and can be incredible dangerous in an accident, due to the lack of protection for its rider. Cars are the standard for most people, and, although they come in many sizes and shapes, they offer a wide variety of safety features for the occupants. While normally offering the same safety features as their smaller counterparts, SUV's and trucks have an added advantage of size and weight. One of the largest, and in many people's opinion the most dominate vehicle on the road, is the semi-truck tractor trailer. The sheer size and weight of a semi-truck can have devastating effects on any vehicle caught in an accident with it.

Multi-vehicle accident on Georgia I-75 claims two lives

A traffic accident involving eight vehicles left a stretch of I-75 in Georgia temporarily closed during rush hour on the afternoon of Nov. 14. Police from Marietta and Cobb County responded to the multi-vehicle accident, which resulted in two deaths and three reported injuries. The initial collision involved a BMW hit from the rear by a truck driver. The BMW caught fire as a result. Other details of the collision were not made available in this report.

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