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Basing a lawsuit on defective auto parts

The majority of lawsuits based on car accidents are usually founded on a driver's negligence behind the wheel. The negligent driver can be held accountable for their behavior, especially if it results in an auto accident that leads to serious injuries or even fatalities. But what if the accident wasn't due to a driver who was negligent? What if there was a defect in one of the cars involved, and that led directly to the accident? In that type of case, a lawsuit may be brought against the vehicle manufacturer.

Suffering head trauma in a car accident

A car accident can leave a Georgia resident with all sorts of serious injuries. However, of all the injuries a person can suffer, a head trauma is likely to be the biggest cause for concern. A head trauma could include a traumatic brain injury or a skull fracture, among other things.

Hit and run collision leaves bicyclist clinging to life

Any type of car collision has the chance to leave a Georgia resident injured, sometimes seriously. But, a hit and run type of car accident can be even more dangerous, because oftentimes the person who leaves the scene either doesn't know that they hit something or someone - or they don't care.

Crash reconstruction as part of an accident investigation

When a North Georgia resident is injured in an auto accident, there will almost always be an accident investigation to determine a number of factors, but none more important than who was responsible for the crash. In some cases the crash is due to one party's recklessness - say, from drunk driving or texting and driving. In other cases the weather conditions may have played a factor. However, sometimes it can be difficult for police investigators to determine the cause of a crash. When this happens, an attempt at crash reconstruction could be in play.

Lost tire sends Georgia woman to hospital in critical condition

Car accidents happen every day in nearly every city in the United States., including Georgia. Yearly injuries from accidents reach the millions and the societal cost for accidents extends to the hundreds of billions. That is nearly $900 dollars for every person in the United States. Needless to say, those who work in the insurance industry have extensive experience dealing with lawsuits stemming from an auto accident.

Police officer injured in car accident responding to call

A car accident in Rome, Georgia can happen to anyone at any time including those in positions of responsibility like police officers. They can occur for a multitude of reasons including negligence, recklessness and a drunk driver. When a person is injured in an auto accident, there is the chance that there will be significant medical expenses and other issues that will affect their lives and the lives of their families.

Wal-Mart faces suit over accident that left one dead

Semi-trucks carry over half of the United States' goods to various points across the several states, as well as Canada. Being a professional driver is not without its risk, as most auto accidents are caused by human error. The roadways are full of drivers being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices, but semi-truck drivers who spend long hours traversing America's interstates have to contend with a greater threat: fatigue.

Georgia crane truck accident kills man, truck driver arrested

Learning that your loved one has died in a truck accident is a horrible experience. When that accident was caused by a driver's negligence, the pain may be all the more severe. For one Georgia man's family, that horror became a reality when their loved one was killed in a crane truck accident.

Toyotas recalled after discovery of safety system issues

Drivers in Georgia may be interested in a new recall affecting almost 300,000 vehicles worldwide. The cars have an electrical issue that can increase the chances of an accident if not fixed, though the manufacturer stated that no related accidents have been reported.

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