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An understanding approach to wrongful death claims

Everybody experiences times in life that could be considered "forks in the road." Right now, in the springtime, there are millions of young adults throughout America who are at this type of juncture, deciding where they will go for college. For other people, it can be a choice between jobs or where to buy a home. There are all kinds of situations that can alter a person's life forever. Unfortunately, events like a fatal accident fall into this category.

Bullet ricochet injures one, kills another

Firearms, regardless of whether or not they are legal, are extremely dangerous. Of course, not all firearms are involved in horrific accidents. There are a large number of sporting activities that involved guns and, for the most part, are participated in safely and without incident. However, the weapons' inherent danger unfortunately can present itself with terrible consequences, as a recent fatal accident shows.

Head-on car wreck in east Georgia kills 4-year-old child

Reckless drivers place other motorists at risk every day in Georgia. Speeding and illegal lane changes are two of the most common reckless offenses, and those appear to have been factors in a recent tragedy that took a 4-year-old child's life.

Georgia crane truck accident kills man, truck driver arrested

Learning that your loved one has died in a truck accident is a horrible experience. When that accident was caused by a driver's negligence, the pain may be all the more severe. For one Georgia man's family, that horror became a reality when their loved one was killed in a crane truck accident.

Georgia bicyclist dies after collision with excavator

Road construction and maintenance crews are supposed to provide proper warnings and protections for motorists and pedestrians. Failure to take the necessary safety precautions can lead to serious injuries, either for workers or other innocent parties.

Georgia teenager killed and another injured by distracted driver

A Georgia teenager is dead and his brother has been injured after a distracted driver left the road and collided with them. Local police are investigating the crash, and the driver is now facing homicide charges.

Woman causes fatal car accident

An Atlanta woman was the cause of a fatal car crash in Midtown Atlanta on the Downtown Connection on July 6th around 3:30 p.m. The driver, who was placed under arrest, was traveling on the HOV lane south of the 17th Street Bridge when the accident occurred.

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