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Who do I sue if multiple people contributed to my injury?

You're at a stop light and a car hits you from behind, pushing your vehicle out into the intersection. Luckily for you the light has just turned green and there should be no oncoming traffic. But a car that tried to beat the red light T-bones your vehicle, injuring you. While you are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries, the question turns to who is it that owes you, how much and for what.

Late night truck accident claims the lives of four

Not every vehicle in Rome, Georgia, is made the same. Motorcycles are light, fast, sexy and can be incredible dangerous in an accident, due to the lack of protection for its rider. Cars are the standard for most people, and, although they come in many sizes and shapes, they offer a wide variety of safety features for the occupants. While normally offering the same safety features as their smaller counterparts, SUV's and trucks have an added advantage of size and weight. One of the largest, and in many people's opinion the most dominate vehicle on the road, is the semi-truck tractor trailer. The sheer size and weight of a semi-truck can have devastating effects on any vehicle caught in an accident with it.

Car accidents and other factors dictating car insurance rates

Car insurance companies consider a number of factors when determining an individual's premium. The present age of all the drivers on the policy, having been in any car accidents and adding inexperienced drivers onto the policy are some reasons for increased premiums in Georgia, since these are risk factors that increase the likelihood of a car accident taking place.

Charges filed against Savannah man in fatal car accident

Charges were filed against a northern Georgia man in connection with a car accident that killed one person and seriously injured two others back in May of 2013. Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has charged the 18-year-old Savannah man with second degree homicide by vehicle and failure to maintain his lane.

Georgia motorcyclists charged with auto accident

Oconee County prosecutors charged two motorcyclists involved in a wreck that occurred on May 10. The accident, which happened around 7:15 p.m. near the Oconee Crossing, caused multiple injuries. The accident happened after a chased that had started in Walton County. According to the Oconee County Sheriff's Office, both the Walton County officers and Georgia State Patrol were involved in the chase.

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