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Understanding motorcycle helmet laws in Georgia

In Georgia, the motorcycle helmet law has not changed since about 1969, but that is not true in all states. At one time, the federal government required states to enact helmet use laws to receive funding for highway construction. In the 1970s, this changed when Congress stopped the Department of Transportation from assessing penalties on the state.

Soldier injured in Georgia semi truck-motorcycle accident

The spring and summer months are a time of heightened motorcycle traffic in Georgia and throughout the country, and drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles should keep an eye out for riders. Too often, failure to see a motorcycle results in serious injuries.

Police: Truck driver was drunk in Georgia motorcycle crash

Motorcycle riders are left exposed to the elements with little to protect them from injury in the event of a crash. Receiving compensation for such injuries requires exceptional attention to detail and a firm understanding of the law. Even when a crash is clearly the fault of another party, insurance companies may try to minimize coverage by claiming that a motorcyclist was somehow responsible for the accident.

Stranger saves injured motorcyclist after hit-and-run accident

Being a responsible driver includes avoiding sudden actions that could endanger motorcyclists on the road, such as cutting across lanes or making wide turns. A person involved in a motorcycle accident may be more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries because the rider can easily be ejected from the vehicle or suffer the full impact of a crash. Luckily, one Georgia motorcyclist was rescued by a kind stranger after what could have been a potentially fatal motorcycle crash.

LaGrange motorcycle accident leaves 2 injured

Georgia motorcyclists need to be particularly alert when riding along the streets and highways. Although car drivers are supposed to drive vigilantly, all too often they do not. Sometimes drivers open doors unexpectedly or fail to look carefully both ways before driving through an intersection, leading to accidents that can leave motorcycle riders with serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

Football player injured in motorcycle accident begins long recovery

Motorcycle accidents are so often catastrophic because motorcycles have a much smaller profile. Drivers must take extra care when making turns or crossing intersections to ensure they are not endangering motorcyclists, pedestrians or other parties on Georgia roads. Injuries commonly sustained in a motorcycle accident range from minor scrapes to severe limb, spinal or leg injuries, and even death.

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