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Basing a lawsuit on defective auto parts

The majority of lawsuits based on car accidents are usually founded on a driver's negligence behind the wheel. The negligent driver can be held accountable for their behavior, especially if it results in an auto accident that leads to serious injuries or even fatalities. But what if the accident wasn't due to a driver who was negligent? What if there was a defect in one of the cars involved, and that led directly to the accident? In that type of case, a lawsuit may be brought against the vehicle manufacturer.

An understanding approach to wrongful death claims

Everybody experiences times in life that could be considered "forks in the road." Right now, in the springtime, there are millions of young adults throughout America who are at this type of juncture, deciding where they will go for college. For other people, it can be a choice between jobs or where to buy a home. There are all kinds of situations that can alter a person's life forever. Unfortunately, events like a fatal accident fall into this category.

Understanding your options in a wrongful death claim

The immediate aftermath of the loss of a loved one is not the best time for most people to be thinking about lawsuits and legal claims. Unfortunately, if the person's death was caused by another party's act of negligence, this period of time can be especially significant in the long-term view of a wrongful death action.

Man dies after falling 20 feet from aerial platform in Georgia

Accidents can be a fact of life. Accidents can happen at any time in any place, and happen to even the most careful of people. By their very definition, there is little that can be done to prepare for a truly random accident. But many accidents really aren't random occurrences caused by random coincidence. These accidents can be traced to the action or inaction of a person. Workplace accidents come in all shapes and sizes. Some accidents are so random that no amount of preparation could have prevented them while responsibility for others lies solely at the feet of one or more actors.

Negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is an opportunity for a deceased person's estate or their loved ones to recover compensation for the loss of life. The goal is to hold accountable the person, people or entity responsible for the individual's death. Most wrongful death cases are determined by proving a claim of negligence or that there was intent to harm against the defendant. In order to make a showing for a case of negligence, a Georgia resident must prove the elements by a preponderance of the evidence.

Georgia family die after being rear-ended on highway

Not only are Georgia car accidents seemingly random, but so are their effects. A car can be completely mangled, but the driver walks away without a scratch. What appears to be nothing more than a fender bender, can result in years of pain and rehabilitation. A small bump to the back of a moving car sends it spiraling out of control, taking the lives of all inside, but the car and driver that hit them suffer no damage. The type and results of an accident are almost limitless, but one thing remains the same, the serious effects it has on its victims and those that love them.

Finding closure after the death of a loved one

People pass away every day. Some pass away after a long and full life surround by loved ones, but others are not so fortunate. When the death of a loved one is caused by the actions of another party, the need to hold that party accountable for their actions can be strong. This often results in a civil lawsuit being filed against the person responsible. While money can never replace a loved one or fill the void left by their absence, it can cover the cost of medical bills, funeral arrangements and much more during a time of mourning.

Police officer injured in car accident responding to call

A car accident in Rome, Georgia can happen to anyone at any time including those in positions of responsibility like police officers. They can occur for a multitude of reasons including negligence, recklessness and a drunk driver. When a person is injured in an auto accident, there is the chance that there will be significant medical expenses and other issues that will affect their lives and the lives of their families.

Police believe drag race led to fatal car crash that killed woman

For drivers in Rome, a motor vehicle accident is an inconvenience as long as no one is hurt. However, when there is a significant amount of recklessness, negligence and wanton disregard for the safety of others, there is a substantial chance for injuries or a fatal car crash to occur. Any car wreck can cause damage, but if it results in a fatality, the family of the person who was killed will have to deal with the loss of a loved one and the knowledge that it didn't have to happen.

1 killed, 1 injured in a GA truck accident; driver charged

It isn't hard to understand why drivers of large commercial trucks are subject to safety regulations that don't necessarily apply to other drivers. The size, weight and speed of a tractor-trailer significantly increase the risk of a catastrophic accident. Still, truck drivers often fail in their duty of care to protect other motorists from injury, and that appears have been the case recently in Georgia.

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