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Man dies after falling 20 feet from aerial platform in Georgia

Accidents can be a fact of life. Accidents can happen at any time in any place, and happen to even the most careful of people. By their very definition, there is little that can be done to prepare for a truly random accident. But many accidents really aren't random occurrences caused by random coincidence. These accidents can be traced to the action or inaction of a person. Workplace accidents come in all shapes and sizes. Some accidents are so random that no amount of preparation could have prevented them while responsibility for others lies solely at the feet of one or more actors.

Family says denture-related death resulted from act of negligence

As we all know, a trip to a medical facility for any reason can cause nervousness or anxiety. Most medical treatments do result in a safe outcome. However, there are far too many cases in which negligence or errors have disastrous results.

Multi-vehicle accident on Georgia I-75 claims two lives

A traffic accident involving eight vehicles left a stretch of I-75 in Georgia temporarily closed during rush hour on the afternoon of Nov. 14. Police from Marietta and Cobb County responded to the multi-vehicle accident, which resulted in two deaths and three reported injuries. The initial collision involved a BMW hit from the rear by a truck driver. The BMW caught fire as a result. Other details of the collision were not made available in this report.

Fatal Georgia truck accident shuts down southbound I-85

One person was killed at the scene of a truck accident in Suwanee on Oct. 26. Although details of the collision are unclear, it is known that the accident involved a car and a semi-truck. Afterwards, a witness said that the passenger car could be seen trapped beneath the tractor-trailer and engulfed in flames. A video captured by a driver who passed by the scene shows the tractor-trailer covered in white smoke.

Woman dies in Atlanta when car stops on I-20

A Washington, D.C. female radio personality who had been living for weeks in the metro Atlanta area was killed in a car accident on Oct. 24 on the Interstate 20. The woman had been on her way to work at around 5:30 a.m. when she was struck by another vehicle at the I-285 southbound exit.

Georgia teenager killed and another injured by distracted driver

A Georgia teenager is dead and his brother has been injured after a distracted driver left the road and collided with them. Local police are investigating the crash, and the driver is now facing homicide charges.

Fatal hit and run caused by 18-year old driver

An 18-year-old driver has been arrested and charged in connection with a fatal Georgia car accident. The teen hit and killed a man outside of a police station on Sept. 17 after he had been released from a holding cell. The driver left the scene, and, after an anonymous tip from Crime Stoppers, police were able to locate her and bring her into custody.

Fatal car crash claims life of undercover officer

In Georgia, one officer was killed in the line of duty and another critically injured when their vehicle collided with a utility pole on North Veterans Parkway in Columbus. The 53-year-old man who died was an undercover officer with the Metro Narcotics Task Force and a 32-year veteran of the Columbus police force. According to authorities, both officers were on their way to provide back-up to a third officer who was in pursuit of a suspect in an unrelated incident when the car wreck took place.

Woman causes fatal car accident

An Atlanta woman was the cause of a fatal car crash in Midtown Atlanta on the Downtown Connection on July 6th around 3:30 p.m. The driver, who was placed under arrest, was traveling on the HOV lane south of the 17th Street Bridge when the accident occurred.

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