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Georgia’s pedestrian dangers

A Dangerous by Design report puts eight southern cities at the top of the most dangerous in the nation for pedestrians.

According to a recent Dangerous by Design report, the south is a very dangerous place for pedestrians in the United States. Nine out of 10 of the most dangerous cities to walk in are located in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee or Texas. Phoenix, Arizona, is the only non-southern city in the top 10.

A report published on supports the dangers found in Georgia. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety shows that over 12 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state in the past 10 years were pedestrians. A total of 182 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents in Georgia in 2014. That is the highest number of pedestrian deaths in a single year since 1997.

Where Is The Biggest Risk?

While the metropolis of Atlanta made its way onto the top 10 list in the Dangerous by Design report, the risk is by no means confined to large cities. Last year alone, three pedestrians were injured in a school parking lot in Gordon County.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that two people have died in pedestrian accidents in Floyd County since 2009. In 2013, more pedestrians were killed statewide than motorcyclists. Detailed information includes the following:

  • Across Georgia, 1,179 people died in motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrians represented 176 of those deaths.
  • Fulton County experienced the most pedestrian fatalities with 34 such deaths.
  • In DeKalb County, 21 pedestrians lost their lives.
  • Cobb and Gwinnett Counties were the locations for 12 and 11 pedestrian fatalities, respectively.

Four people died in Bartow and Gordon Counties. The 176 state pedestrian deaths outnumbered motorcycle fatalities by 60 as 116 motorcyclists died in accidents that year.

Dangers Are Ever-present

A quick scan of news headlines is all that’s required to see that pedestrians face serious risks at any time. A story reported on the death of a 31-year old pedestrian after he sustained serious head trauma when a car hit him. told of how a 55-year old male pedestrian died after an early-morning accident in which he was struck by a truck.

A Cartersville Patch article told gave details on the recent jailing of a driver who hit and killed a 27-year old pedestrian last December. The driver was arrested for second degree vehicular homicide and other violations, including driving without auto insurance.

What Should Pedestrians Do?

Certainly taking preventative measures to stay safe is always a good idea. However, there are times when the negligent actions of motorists still result in accidents. When this happens, seeking help from a lawyer is recommended.

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