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Which states see highest rate of teen drunk drivers

Georgia residents with teen drivers should know about a study from that deals with the subject of teen drunk driving. Teens should not be drinking any alcohol at all, but CDC data shows that 5.5% of teens not only drink it but also drive after doing so. Drunk driving is all too prevalent: Out of the 37,133 road accidents that occurred in 2017, 10,874 involved a driver with a BAC of .08 or above.

The study shows a correlation between the percentage of high school students who drink and drive and the rate of drunk driving fatalities. Researchers made a ranking of the 15 worst states in this regard and put Arkansas and Louisiana at the top. In those two states, respectively, 10.6% and 10% of high school students reported drinking and driving. Their DUI fatality rates were 4.8 and 4.7 per 100,000 people, which is higher than the national average of 3.4.

A look at how exoskeletons could revolutionize workplace safety

Reducing the chances that workers will be injured at work is something that many companies in Georgia have as a priority. Preventing injuries from happening is a combined effort of both employers and their employees that can be achieved through training, adherence to protocols and mutual recognition of potential hazards in the workplace. 

An innovative move toward reducing the number of injuries in the workplace and subsequently optimizing workers' compensation resources, is the use of exoskeletons. These devices are designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of a worker's efforts while providing added protection in the form of support and reinforcement. When workers do not have to exert as much physical effort toward completing their jobs, they may be less prone to getting injured on the job. 

Recognizing nursing home abuse and neglect

Georgia residents with older family members often spend the time and resources to care for them so they may remain in their homes as they age. However, sometimes physical or mental health issues require the kind of professional care that is only available in a nursing home. Sadly, abuse and neglect are not uncommon issues in nursing homes. It is essential for individuals to understand the signs and symptoms of poor care so that they may take action if necessary.

An article from AARP indicates that poor care is a frequent concern related to nursing homes across the country. While many facilities receive oversight from the federal government, this monitoring program has not yet been able to make changes in every nursing home that consistently has problems with cleanliness, safety and care. In an attempt to provide information on unsafe practices, two senators released a list of nursing home facilities that did not meet care standards and were not yet receiving extra monitoring from the government. Individuals may access this public list for additional information when choosing a nursing home facility.

Prime time for car crashes, down to the month, day and hour

Perhaps you and yours have survived a summer of driving without a car crash, but do not let down your guard.

A study using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals the safest day to drive, as well as the most dangerous times to be on the road, down to month, day and hour.

Do employers have to pay workers comp?

Federal law requires most employers in Georgia to carry workers' compensation insurance. Because of this, you may not need to engage in lengthy negotiations or go to trial over an accident at work. However, it is important to take serious injuries on a case-by-case basis.

Workers compensation laws are there to try to protect you. They were originally intended as a way to help you as an individual worker injured on the job. It should protect your rights against large, powerful entities, such as your employer. Unfortunately, some employers see coverage as an option rather than a requirement. In these cases, you may need to take further measures in order to get the compensation you need to put your life back together.

How we fight for our clients' rights

Sometimes, the people we trust to care for our loved ones end up being unworthy of that trust. At Cromartie Law, we understand it is difficult to believe that experienced, certified caretakers could fail to the extent that they injure their wards. However, we also know that negligent nursing homes, day care centers and doctors in Virginia might use their position of trust in order to discourage people from seeking compensation for injuries. That is why we stand up for our clients and make sure justice is served.

This often requires persistence, attention to detail and an aggressive pursuit of the truth. Here are a few ways we represent our clients.

Could you start a case if you were injured outside a business?

If you were injured while walking down the sidewalk, trying to find out who is responsible for your injury might not be the first thing you think of. However, in a situation like that, someone's negligence could have contributed to your fall. That is because property owners in Georgia have a responsibility to keep their property safe. However, that does bring up an interesting question.

Did your injury have to happen in a building to sue someone for an injury? After all, a shop owner might not feel an obligation to keep a sidewalk safe. Please read on for more about this topic.

How can seniors prevent slip and fall accidents?

Like many seniors in Georgia, you are pleased that retirement allows you extra time to pursue interests and spend time with your loved ones. However, you may not like some aspects of aging, particularly the physical effects. It may have you wondering how you can prevent slip and fall accidents. 

According to The New York Times, falls are the foremost cause of injury for older Americans and each year, one in three seniors experiences a fall. They can have serious consequences such as fracture, severe injury, anxiety about falling and unfortunately sometimes even death. It is therefore vital that you learn some strategies you can use to prevent slip and fall accidents. 

The Hands-Free Law and other driver-distraction matters

Texting while driving is an ongoing distraction issue in our country, but there are many other reasons why drivers take their attention off the road.

A devastating crash only requires a few seconds of driver distraction. Knowing this, the state of Georgia is proactive in dealing with the issue, but putting words into action is up to the motorist.

Understanding the pressures placed on truck drivers

The dangers associated with speeding likely do not need to be explained to most in Rome. While many might feel as though they can remain in complete control of their vehicles at high speeds, statistics suggest otherwise. Indeed, per information shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding accounted for over a quarter of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. in 2017. If regular vehicles are hard to control at high speeds, one can only imagine how much more difficult it might be to safely operate a speeding semi-truck. 

Because of this, most might think that truck drivers would not even imagine speeding. Yet it does indeed happen, and has been recognized as being one of more common factors in truck accidents. One might think a trucker choosing to speed would be the ultimate sign of negligence, yet what about those scenarios where a truck driver feels as though they have no choice?

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