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3 reasons to speak with a lawyer after an accident

Most people do not enjoy court battles and would rather avoid them than seek them out. Thus, it happens that people who end up in a car crash put off seeing a lawyer. Maybe they think the injuries are minor, or the other driver's insurance company has offered a quick settlement that sounds acceptable.

However, even seemingly minor or straightforward cases can turn out to be anything but. Speaking with an attorney soon after your accident can help you keep your options open. Getting a lawyer also does not have to mean going to court; a qualified attorney can view the big picture and negotiate a fair settlement for you.

Risks associated with driving a vehicle for the first time

There is a myriad of factors that can make a car collision more probable, from intoxication to ignoring other traffic laws such as failing to yield or staying under the speed limit. However, some less common factors may also be cause for concern, such as driving a vehicle for the first time. When some people get behind the wheel in a new car, or a new type of car (such as someone who operates a pickup when they have never driven a truck before), the likelihood of a collision may be higher.

From seeing the road differently to struggling with controlling the vehicle, there are a number of challenges that some drivers may face when they find themselves in a new vehicle. These difficulties can take their attention off the road and make it harder for them to drive safe. Whether someone is renting a vehicle and they have never driven a similar car, operating a car that belongs to one of their friends or family members or they have just purchased a new or used vehicle, there are many reasons why drivers get behind the wheel in a car they have never driven before.

Breaking your fall: What you need to know about wrist fractures

People who slip and fall on a slick surface in a Georgia restaurant, store or other commercial establishment will probably throw out a hand to try to catch themselves. This is the most common response, and Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that it is the reason that distal radius fractures occur more than any other broken bone.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons explains that when someone falls on a hand, the arm bone known as the radius is most likely to break about an inch from the wrist joint. However, the break could extend into the wrist joint. The bone could also break in more than one place, or break the skin. If a piece of the bone completely breaks away, or if the bone protrudes from the skin, treatment is more difficult.

Errands off the clock and workers' compensation

You regularly run errands for your Georgia employer. Sometimes these occur before work, or on your way home, and sometimes you stop to pick something up on your lunch break. If you were hurt at the office, you would expect workers' compensation, but what about when you are in your car? At Cromartie Law, we understand the confusion that often occurs over offsite accidents.

Because you were in your car, and you were not on the clock, you may rightly wonder whether you qualify for workers' compensation. According to FindLaw, the key is whether your injuries are work-related.

Why is fall risk so high in nursing homes?

As you age, your body becomes frailer, no matter how healthy your lifestyle, and for many seniors in Georgia, this leads to a fall. The risk isn't the same for every senior, though.

In fact, according to Managed Health Care Connect, people 65 and older who live in nursing homes are twice as likely to fall as those who live in the community, and between 50 and 75 percent of residents fall every year.

Truck maintenance and the risk of a crash

Between the amount of time it can take a trucker to slow down and their massive size, large trucks can be deadly when they collide with another vehicle. Sadly, this happens too often in Georgina and the rest of the country. There are many reasons why large truck wrecks occur and we have covered some on this blog, such as truck driver fatigue, intoxicated driving, etc. It is also important to point out that negligent truck maintenance is responsible for some of the large truck collisions that happen. Sadly, some trucking companies fail to take these matters seriously, thereby increasing the chances of a crash significantly.

The inadequate maintenance of a large truck can increase the likelihood of an accident in many ways, whether a truck's brakes fail, a tire blows out, or the truck experiences some other kind of problem. From simple carelessness to cutting corners, there are different reasons why some truck companies fail to make sure that trucks are maintained properly. Sadly, these trucks put many lives at risk, from those riding in other vehicles to truck drivers as well. When a person is injured or loses a someone they love because of a large truck accident that can be blamed on negligent truck maintenance, all options should be explored and taking the issue to court may be necessary.

How to enjoy a safer outing as a pedestrian

With the advent of pleasant springtime days and nights, more pedestrians are evident here in northwest Georgia, and the numbers will only increase throughout the summer months.

Motorists are responsible for controlling their vehicles and keeping an eye out for those on foot, but accidents still happen, some of them deadly. If you are out walking, here are five dangers to be alert to.

Poor road markings and dangerous intersections

The risk of a motor vehicle wreck is heightened by many factors, such as failure to observe stop signs and distractions behind the wheel (talking to other people in the car, cell phones, etc.). However, some crashes are also caused by less common factors, such as poor road markings at an intersection. If a driver does not see a stop sign, for example, they may drive through an intersection and collide with another vehicle at a dangerously high rate of speed. As a result, it is essential for anyone who notices poor road markings to speak up and for those involved in a crash caused by this problem to examine their options.

Road markings, such as those which indicate approach lanes and vehicle paths, are essential. Over time, however, these markings may become faded due to weather and traffic. Unfortunately, when drivers are not able to see these markings, the chances of an accident may be heightened significantly. Worse yet, it can be very frustrating for victims and their loved ones to realize that it would have been very easy to fix the problem beforehand.

Rental cars and traffic accidents

When it comes to collisions on the road, there are so many different factors to consider. For example, the type of vehicle that someone is driving, such as a large truck or a motorcycle, can have a major impact on the outcome of the wreck and the consequences that those involved suffer. Moreover, people may be more likely to cause an accident when they drive a new vehicle for the first time or find themselves in a unique position, such as someone who is in a crash while operating a rental car.

In addition to facing difficulties related to causing an accident, someone driving a rental car may also have uncertainty about how to handle an accident after they are struck by someone else. Those driving rental cars, and all other vehicles, should be very mindful of the risks they face behind the wheel, of course. However, it is helpful for those who have been part of a crash to take a look at their options. In some instances, legal action may be a smart move. Unfortunately, these collisions will continue to upend lives emotionally, physically, and even financially.

Seeking medical attention following a minor crash

When car accident victims sustain serious injuries, the importance of seeking medical attention is obvious. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that even people who suffer seemingly minor injuries, such as a sprain, may need to visit a doctor as well.

Getting checked out after a somewhat minor crash could be a wise decision for multiple reasons. For one, the extent of a particular injury may not be apparent until weeks, months, or years after the wreck. For example, someone who hit their head may feel okay after the accident and assume that they are fine. However, they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury that will start to cause problems later on, such as making it harder to remember things. Moreover, people may run into problems with their insurance company or have a harder time proving their injuries in court if they chose not to seek medical care in the wake of a crash.

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