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Losing a job and the risk of a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents may occur because a driver is under the influence, or they may happen as a result of speeding, ignoring signs and a lack of experience. Sometimes, there are certain stressors in life which can increase the likelihood of a crash, such as the loss of a job. When someone loses their job, especially if they did not see it coming, this can lead to significant stress, sleep problems, substance abuse, depression and other challenges, all of which may increase the likelihood of an auto accident.

Someone who is facing financial uncertainty as a result of job loss may have difficulty focusing on the road, or they may be driving to areas that they are unfamiliar with in order to apply for new positions. They may have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, which can result in driver fatigue. Moreover, people may become exhausted after starting a new job, whether they struggle to adjust to a new schedule, or their work duties leave them feeling extremely tired.

Medication may be a problem at the nursing home

Even though few decisions are more heart-wrenching than choosing to place an elderly parent in a nursing home, relying on long-term care may be the best course of action for you and your loved one. Still, nursing homes are not perfect. 

Put simply, nursing home abuse is a problem in Georgia. If your aging mother or father has bruises, bedsores or other signs of abuse or neglect, you must intervene as quickly as possible to boost your loved one’s care. You must also realize, though, that medication may be a problem at the nursing home. Here are some ways nurses get medication wrong.

Are traffic accident deaths more likely during Memorial Day?

Motor vehicle wrecks can be extremely difficult for victims and their family members. However, some are especially devastating, such as collisions which claim lives. It is important for drivers to be vigilant and recognize times when fatal accidents may be more likely to occur. For example, drivers should be especially cautious during Memorial Day weekend and other times of the year when there is an increase in the number of fatal traffic crashes.

According to statistics that were published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accident fatalities are more likely to take place during Memorial Day and other holidays such as the Fourth of July. There are a number of explanations for the increase in the number of traffic-related deaths during these holidays, such as an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers, busy roads and more drivers from another state who may not be very familiar with local roads. Unfortunately, many more lives will be claimed during future holidays as a result of reckless driving.

Foot injuries and motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents can result in many different consequences that not only turn the lives of victims upside down, but their loved ones' lives may be affected also. There are countless ways in which motor vehicle accident victims are injured, whether they sustain a broken neck or brain damage after hitting their head. However, it is important to recognize some of the other injuries which may not receive as much attention but can be very devastating for victims, such as foot injuries.

Those who sustain a foot injury in a car crash may face many problems as they try to move forward from the accident. Not only can these injuries lead to a significant amount of pain, but they can also result in medical expenses that are very costly, and they can shatter a victim’s life in other ways. For example, someone may not be able to keep working because they cannot walk or stand on their foot for an extended period of time, and this can cause additional financial difficulties. Or, a car wreck victim may have to give up a hobby temporarily or permanently or drop out of an event that they were planning for as a result of their foot injury.

What are bedsores?

One of the basic expectations you should have of any nursing home or long-term care facility in Rome is that its staff will do everything possible to help your loved one avoid suffering preventable injuries. Slips and falls can happen despite even the best precautions, yet one type of injury that is almost completely preventable is a bedsore. Having entrusted a family member or friend to the care of such a facility, you should know what these are, how to spot them, and how they occur. 

Bedsores are also referred to as "pressure ulcers," and that definition offers a clearer picture of what they exactly are. Continued pressure on a certain area of the skin can cause the skin to break down and expose the underlying tissue. These are manifest as open wounds visible at the skin's surface, through which muscle tissue and, in some extreme cases, even bone can be seen. Aside from being incredibly painful, bedsores can easily become infected, leading to further complications with the affected area. 

Car accidents and college graduation

For many college students and their families, this time of year is exciting because years of hard work will pay off and students will finally have earned their college degree. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle collision can shatter graduation celebrations, and may also result in many challenges for recent grads and their loved ones. Sometimes, these accidents prove fatal, which is especially upsetting. Even when those involved survive the crash, they may face a number of physical and financial problems. This can be especially tough for a recent graduate who was planning on starting their career.

After an accident, all sorts of questions may arise. For example, someone may have to postpone a job that they planned on starting because of immobility due to auto accident injuries. Or, they may have been planning to take a trip overseas after graduating, and these plans may be completely derailed. Sadly, many of these collisions are caused by careless drivers, such as those who use their phone while on the road or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The long-term effects of lung disease

Georgia workers who experience long-term exposure to irritants in the workplace may get one of any number of occupational lung diseases. Tiny particles in the air at factories, mining facilities, construction sites and farms are the most hazardous as the body absorbs them instead of expelling them through coughing. The smaller the particles, the more lung damage they can cause.

Cedars-Sinai reports that there are several different tests needed for a correct diagnosis, as lung diseases often mimic infections or breathing conditions, such as asthma. Each test collects a specific type of data so that medical professionals receive a full report of a patient’s overall health.

Critical aspects of daycare release forms

Parents trust daycare facilities to provide appropriate care for their little ones. Unfortunately, not all care providers live up to the appropriate standard and endanger the children in their care.

For this reason, it is important for parents to take their time when selecting an appropriate facility. Within the enrollment paperwork, parents will encounter a release form, and it is important that they be aware of a few critical aspects of this form.

Imputed negligence in truck accidents

Your default assumption regarding liability cases is likely that only the parties directly involved can be made to answer for the outcome. Thus, if you have been involved in a truck accident in Rome, you might assume that your claim lies solely with the truck driver. Yet what about the company that employs them? A strong argument might be made that your accident might never have occurred had the trucker not been in the course of completing their work-related duties. This has prompted many to come to us here at Cromartie Law asking if it is indeed possible to hold a trucking company liable for the actions of its drivers. 

The idea behind imputed negligence is that a party's decisions placed another in a position where their negligence caused harm. In so doing, the former party also demonstrated negligence (in that they perhaps should have known that the one acting as their agent had a propensity to act in a certain manner). This is the philosophy supporting the legal principle of "respondeat superior" (literally translated as "let the master answer"). Section 51-2-2 of the Code of Georgia states that a master (in this case, an employer) is liable for torts committed by its servant (or employee), regardless of whether those actions are voluntarily or negligent. 

Jurisdictional concerns lead to lawsuit's dismissal

Most may think that the resolution of premises liability litigation in Rome would be fairly straightforward: one slips and falls, sues the owner of the property the accident occurs, and the matter is handled from their. Yet personal injury cases are rarely they simple, and can often involve complexities that may challenge even the most experienced attorneys. A failure to recognize those complexities could seriously hinder one's chances at succeeding with their civil action. 

An Arkansas woman is currently having to learn this lesson the hard way. She slipped and fell while attending an event at a sporting goods store in Louisiana, breaking her arm in the process. She subsequently sued the store, yet chose to do so in an Arkansas court. Her claim was that even though the store was located in Louisiana, the fact that it advertised its events in Arkansas places it under the purview of Arkansas state courts. A local court disagreed with her claim and dismissed her lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction, She then took the case to the Arkansas State Supreme Court, which ultimately upheld the lower court's ruling. 

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