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Jurisdictional concerns lead to lawsuit's dismissal

Most may think that the resolution of premises liability litigation in Rome would be fairly straightforward: one slips and falls, sues the owner of the property the accident occurs, and the matter is handled from their. Yet personal injury cases are rarely they simple, and can often involve complexities that may challenge even the most experienced attorneys. A failure to recognize those complexities could seriously hinder one's chances at succeeding with their civil action. 

An Arkansas woman is currently having to learn this lesson the hard way. She slipped and fell while attending an event at a sporting goods store in Louisiana, breaking her arm in the process. She subsequently sued the store, yet chose to do so in an Arkansas court. Her claim was that even though the store was located in Louisiana, the fact that it advertised its events in Arkansas places it under the purview of Arkansas state courts. A local court disagreed with her claim and dismissed her lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction, She then took the case to the Arkansas State Supreme Court, which ultimately upheld the lower court's ruling. 

The long-term consequences of pedestrian accidents

Those who are involved in a pedestrian accident may struggle with a number of consequences that affect them right away, such as intense pain and an injury that may take away their ability to work or take part in activities they enjoy. The financial consequences may also be immediately evident, with high medical costs and lost wages. However, it is also important for victims of pedestrian accidents and their loved ones to be aware of some of the long-term consequences that they may encounter as a result of the accident.

Sometimes, those involved in a pedestrian accident develop deep mental trauma. This may take the form of depression, high levels of anxiety or anger. Moreover, some victims of pedestrian accidents develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Mental trauma may interfere with one’s job, leading to additional hardships, and it may also have a negative impact on relationships with loved ones. Moreover, some pedestrians suffer brain injuries in these accidents, which can take a long time to become evident.

Facial scarring due to a car crash

The emotional and financial consequences of a car wreck can be devastating, whether someone has trouble paying their hospital bills or sustains deep mental trauma as a result of the accident. However, the physical toll can be unbearable as well, and people are injured in many ways during these wrecks. Not only do some accident victims suffer broken bones, brain trauma and damage to their back or spinal cord, but some may sustain injuries to their face which result in scarring. Facial scarring can be especially tough because accident victims may be repeatedly asked questions about what happened, and they may feel insecure about their appearance.

When a car crash occurs, those involved may sustain a number of facial injuries. For example, a victim may suffer a deep laceration, which results in a lot of pain and leaves a permanent scar. Or, they may sustain a burn injury, which may even require skin grafting. Whether someone is struck by a shard of glass, experiences disfigurement after their face slams into some part of the vehicle or is badly burned, our law office realizes that these injuries can happen in many different ways.

How to prevent abuse and neglect of elders

In 2017, CNN published a set of articles on nursing home rapes that dominated headlines for months — if not years. The reason so many people in Georgia and the rest of America were appalled is obvious. Sexual crimes are always heinous, but are even more so when the victims are utterly helpless and may not even be able to recognize what is happening to them, much less name their abusers. As awareness increased, it also raised questions about other types of abuse that were rampant in nursing homes.

Naturally, this was swiftly followed by concerns about how to protect the people who reside in these homes. Back in 2014, Forbes too noticed a rampant abuse of elders, not just sexually but financially and emotionally. Forbes recommends the following tips for application at the administrative and state level to combat elder abuse.

How to maximize your recovery after a car accident

Car accidents are rarely straightforward. In one recent case in Georgia, a man drove his vehicle into a front yard, injuring a young girl playing. With this case, it is easy to determine the driver was at fault and acted negligently. 

However, not all car crashes are as straightforward. You may share part of the blame, or the other driver may try to claim you should. You have a right to compensation after a collision, and there are steps you need to take in the immediate aftermath to try to maximize your recovery. 

Understanding pedestrian rules of the road

If you happen to be involved in an auto-pedestrian accident while driving in Rome, it may be easy for outsiders to put the blame on your by default. The pedestrian absorbing the full impact of the collision while you were protected by your car may cause many to assign you fault due to feeling sympathy for the pedestrian. Many come to us here at Cromartie Law in the same scenario, concerned that this assumption may be harmful to them when liability issues are brought up. Yet it should be understood that while pedestrians do have their own traffic rights, the law also imposes restrictions on them. 

A violation of such restrictions could place the blame for your accident on the pedestrian. You must understand those rights and restrictions first, however, if you are to cite them. Georgia's laws regarding people crossing the street in crosswalks are fairly straightforward: you (as a motorist) are required to yield to them when they are crossing in a marked crosswalk. However, a pedestrian cannot enter into a crosswalk you are approaching so suddenly as to make the possibility of you avoiding hitting them with your vehicle remote. Pedestrians are also required to yield the right-of-way to you and other motorists when crossing an area of the road not marked by a crosswalk. 

Are employees required to wear protective footwear?

When it comes to workplace accidents, many different hazards threaten the lives and safety of workers across many fields. In this post, we will look into footwear, which can help protect workers who may be exposed to various hazards. In some instances, workers may be required to wear protective footwear, while those employed in other fields may not. However, someone employed in any industry may sustain a foot injury while on the job and it is pivotal to watch out for hazards.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, protective footwear is required for those who are employed in a workplace environment where foot injuries are a serious concern, whether there are falling objects or workers face the risk of electrocution. Aside from those employed in the construction industry, for example, workers in other fields (such as those who work in a warehouse) may need to protect their feet as well, even if they only face these risks once in a while.

Gwinnett County collision causes pregnant mother to lose baby

A question that often accompanies personal injury lawsuits filed in Rome may be how much those bringing such action are entitled to collect. There may not be an easy answer to that question due to every injury case being unique. Typically, accident victims may be able to recover the cost of their medical expenses. Those injured in a car accident may also be awarded damages to help pay for any repairs that need to be performed on their vehicle (or to pay for an entirely new car). Then there is the matter of compensating for pain and suffering, which can differ from case to case. 

One can only assume the anguish that an expectant mother is now going through after losing her unborn baby in the aftermath of a collision in Gwinnett County. Doctors confirmed to her that she had lost the child while treating her for her own injuries. Authorities say that her car struck the side of a minivan that was trying to make a left turn at an intersection. The occupants of the minivan were also injured in the accident, although their injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening. Authorities are still trying to determine which driver is responsible for causing the accident. While they say that alcohol was not believed to have factored into the collision, they have not ruled the possibility of bringing criminal charges against one of the parties involved. 

Drug addiction and recovering from a crash

Auto accident victims face a number of hardships on their road to recovery, and some people have an especially difficult time moving forward. For example, those who sustained massive injuries in the wreck may have a considerable amount of physical pain, and they may never be able to enjoy life in the same way ever again. Sometimes, people are prescribed pain medication because the challenges they are facing are so severe. Unfortunately, this has led to addiction in some people, which can make the accident even more disruptive from a long-term standpoint.

If you have become dependent on opiate pain medication, for example, this may affect your quality of life in various ways. You may encounter problems in the workplace and in your personal relationships. As a result, it is very important to be aware of the risk of addiction and do what you can to avoid dependency. Unfortunately, this can be especially difficult for some people, especially those who have intense physical pain following a collision.

Warning signs of a negligent or abusive child care center

Being a parent is hard work. Sometimes, you may need to result in putting your baby or toddler in a child care center in order to ensure proper care, stimulation and socialization while you are busy working. But beware that not all child care facilities provide good environments for children.

In fact, there are child care centers that outright neglect and abuse children. Here are some red flags that a child care center is negligent or abusive. 

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