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Nausea following a motor vehicle crash

When a traffic collision occurs, the accident can affect those involved in a multitude of ways. Even in the absence of physical injuries that are immediately obvious, such as a broken bone, the collision could affect victims in other ways. For example, someone might feel nauseous following the accident. In some instances, these feelings are simply the result of extreme stress. However, feeling nauseous after a motor vehicle collision could also be an indicator that someone has sustained brain trauma.

If you feel like throwing up after a crash, you should try to identify any potential injuries that you may have suffered in the accident at once. For example, you should make sure that none of your internal organs have been damaged, that you have not sustained a neck injury, and that your brain was not damaged in the accident. Sometimes, brain injuries are not always evident and it can take some time before a victim realizes that they have sustained brain trauma. If you feel like throwing up or do not feel very well after a traffic accident, it is important to ensure that you have not suffered a traumatic brain injury, especially if you hit your head in the accident.

GPS and distracted driving crashes

We have analyzed motor vehicle collisions from many viewpoints, whether they are the result of someone’s decision to drive inebriated or ice on the roads. However, distracted driving is especially rampant and there are many different reasons why drivers take their eyes or attention away from the road. For example, some people might become distracted while they are trying to use their GPS.

A GPS device can distract a driver in various ways. In some instances, a driver might struggle to understand the information provided by their GPS device, causing them to divert their attention from the road. Drivers can also become distracted while they are trying to enter information into their GPS or use the device. When these distractions take place, drivers might look away from the road for a few seconds. Although this may not seem serious to some people, taking your eyes off the road for a very short period of time could be enough to cause a fatal motor vehicle accident.

The link between social media and crashes

In recent years, an incredible number of people have started using social media on a daily basis. From following other accounts to uploading videos and pictures of their own, there has been a significant amount of activity on various digital platforms. Unfortunately, there are some potential downsides that come with this rapid advancement of social media, such as an increased risk of distracted driving. Our law office knows how challenging life often is for distracted driving crash victims and we believe they need a voice.

Some irresponsible drivers engage with social media in different ways while behind the wheel, whether they are posting text or capturing video that they are live streaming to an audience. Moreover, drivers may take their eyes away from the road to watch someone else’s live stream or view content that has been shared by someone else. People may also receive messages on social networking platforms and cause an accident while they are trying to read or respond to such messages.

Different ways that animals can cause a crash

On the road, all sorts of dangers may lie around the corner, from ice to a drunk driver who veers into your lane. However, it is important to be aware of some of the other potential hazards that are out there, such as animals. Our law office knows that animals can cause motor vehicle wrecks in many ways and we would like to draw attention to some in order to help readers reduce the chances of a collision.

For starters, if you own a pet or someone else on the road has a dog in their vehicle, this animal could be a distraction. Distracted driving occurs in many different ways and some people might take their eyes off the road in order to look at or care for their pet. However, there are far more ways that animals can cause a traffic collision. For example, an animal may dart across the road, startling a driver and prompting them to swerve into oncoming traffic. In fact, even insects could increase the chances of a crash, such as a driver becoming scared because of a spider that is dangling from a rearview mirror or a bee flying around in the car.

When a traffic accident upends your career

People realize that motor vehicle collisions frequently bring a number of consequences, such as broken bones or the loss of life. With that said, a traffic wreck can have other ramifications, which may not be clear right away. For example, someone’s career may be thrown off course due to injuries they sustained in the wreck. Furthermore, someone whose job duties involve driving, such as a trucker or a taxi driver, might have difficulty from a mental standpoint.

Recovering from a crash can be incredibly hard, not only physically but emotionally and financially. When someone is no longer able to continue working because of an accident they were involved in, the process of recovering may become even more challenging. Sometimes, injuries keep an employee out of the workplace for a short period of time, causing temporary financial burdens. In other instances, a worker may never be able to return to the position they held before the crash occurred, causing a lifetime of problems and a sense of lost potential.

Drowsy driving and graveyard shifts

Drivers become tired for numerous reasons, such as sleep loss or taking a certain medication. Sometimes, this drowsiness is short-term, such as a driver being tired due to missing sleep one night, while others may suffer from chronic sleep deprivation or challenges that leave them tired on a daily basis. Moreover, work can make people tired, especially for those who work an excessive amount of overtime or are required to work throughout the night.

If you work graveyard shifts, you might feel particularly tired either before or after work, especially if you recently started a job or are not as accustomed to working these hours. Moreover, drowsy driving brought on by working night shifts and other factors could be a concern even if you do not work during these hours. For example, if you are driving in the early morning, someone who just finished work could be tired and might increase the chances of a motor vehicle collision.

An overloaded big rig poses an unexpected danger on the road

Sometimes traveling next to a semitruck can make you feel a bit uneasy. Is it your imagination, or is that big rig edging closer to you?

Seeing little more than the shape of a massive grill in your rearview mirror can make your heart skip a beat when a huge truck suddenly seems about to swallow your compact car. 

Handling an accident while traveling

People find themselves involved in motor vehicle crashes in many different scenarios. Sometimes, the wreck only involves one vehicle, while other accidents may occur under unique circumstances, such as in the middle of a vacation. Whether you are traveling in another country, outside of the state, or even on a day trip within your state, car accidents can be especially complicated when you are away from home.

Traveling can bring about stress, uncertainty, and confusion due to a lack of familiarity with roads and other challenges. When someone is involved in a traffic accident while away from home, they may have an even harder time addressing the crash. For example, they may have to rent a car or find a new source of transportation to return home. Moreover, the laws vary from one state to another and between countries. Furthermore, taking legal action can become tricky when the accident occurred elsewhere.

Reviewing employer workers' compensation requirements

You go to work in Rome every workday with the confidence and security that comes from knowing that were you to be injured while on the job, workers' compensation benefits would be available to cover many of the resulting expenses. Imagine the confusion, frustration and fear you might feel if after such an injury occurred, you were told by your employer that it did not offer such benefits. Such is the situation that many of those that we here at Cromartie Law have worked with have encountered. Typically, companies defend such a response by saying that they are not required to carry workers' compensation coverage. Thankfully, you can know for yourself whether that is true or not. 

According to the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation, any company that employs more than three people must offer workers' compensation. Those employees do not necessarily need to be full-time staff, but rather any employee that works on a regular basis. Compensation is also not a requisite when determining one's status as an employee. Unpaid volunteers (such as elected officials, firefighters or law enforcement officers) may also qualify. 

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