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How should you file a formal complaint against a nursing home?

When you did your research to find a reliable nursing home facility in Georgia that met your expectations for a quality standard of care for your loved one, you probably did not picture yourself having to file a complaint about the treatment of your family member. However, since you have begun to notice discrepancies and are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of your loved one, it has become necessary to file a formal complaint. 

This step in the process can be undertaken at any time but is particularly important after you have already tried to address your concerns with the nursing home's staff, only to witness that no effort to change has actually been made. From here, out of concern for your loved one and frustration over the lack of care he or she is receiving, pursuing a complaint on a formal level will provide a solution either in the form of corrections or legal punishment for failure to abide by government-sanctioned protocols and rules for the care of the elderly. 

When you can legally sue your employer for an injury

If you have received a substantial injury at your workplace in Georgia, the long-term effects could affect everything from your ability to work in the future to your ability to accomplish daily activities the way you had before. At Cromartie Law, we know the challenges that workers face when they are injured at work and are committed to helping ease their burden. 

When you were hired for your job, you should have received information about whether or not your employer has a workers' compensation policy. This information should have provided you with enough insight to know which steps to take in filing a claim for your injury so you can begin to receive benefits. You will want to be timely in filing your claim, accurate in the information you provide on your timeline and willing to answer questions about the incident. 

How much are pain and suffering damages?

You probably already know this if you were injured, but damages people suffer from severe injuries often go well beyond medical bills and lost work. That is why the state of Georgia could allow you to sue for two types of damages.

Commonly known as pain and suffering, there are probably damages in your life that you are unable to point to on a bill, a car repair invoice or a pay stub. The courts in Georgia call these general damages, and there is no legal limit to the amount you can pursue and reclaim in this category.

3 mistakes to avoid during any personal injury claim

Even single-vehicle collisions can result in serious injuries. One Georgia resident had to go to the hospital after losing control of the car and driving over the median. Two other people were in the vehicle, but they did not sustain injuries. 

Crashes involving two or more vehicles are more likely to result in serious injury. In these cases, you do not want to delay filing a personal injury claim. However, there are certain actions you can do in the immediate aftermath that drastically impact your claim. A single mistake could affect how much compensation you receive, and it could mean you receive nothing at all. 

Being supportive during an OSHA investigation

When there has been an accident on business property in Georgia, depending on the industry, who is involved and the severity of the accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could get involved. Their own, independent accident investigation may help to provide insight into what could have been done differently to prevent the accident from happening at all. It could also help business leaders to make determinations about improvements that can be made to better the safety of their workers. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, their purpose for conducting an investigation at all is to uncover the root cause of the accident. Contrary to what many people believe, the OSHA is not tasked with finding and placing blame on certain people or entities, but helping to find and implement solutions that can lessen employee risks, increase productivity and boost morale among employees that may have been affected by the accident. 

How much is a car crash settlement in Georgia?

Before you look up any information about average Georgia car crash settlement amounts, you should consider this question: Is your car crash average? Probably not — your situation is unique to you.

Because your settlement should address your injuries, your loss of work and your pain and suffering, average numbers will probably not do you any good. It usually makes sense to look at exactly what happened. That means investigating not only the accident itself but also the events in your life while you started to recover from your injuries.

Suspicions about nursing home abuse should be promptly reported

When families in Georgia put their trust in a nursing home facility to provide care for their loved one, they often hold the staff to high expectations as their family member is important to them. Unfortunately, there are times when certain facilities fail to abide by protocols designed by the law to protect the elderly from abuse and neglect, thus exposing residents to dangerous risks. 

If people are concerned about how their family member is being treated and they suspect that mistreatment is occurring, they should immediately report their findings to the facility, their state of residence, or the local authorities. Talking about the alleged concerns and not filing a formal complaint will often do very little to solve the problem and during this lag time, residents could continue to be mistreated and abused. 

Recognizing and addressing nursing home neglect

Many Georgia individuals have parents or family members who require constant care due to age or medical conditions. While it is sometimes possible for people to care for their family members in their own homes, many conditions require the medical resources of a nursing home. Unfortunately, nursing home residents may suffer from injuries or illnesses due to neglect. It is important for residents and their family members to recognize the signs of neglect so they may take action to remedy dangerous situations.

Whether it occurs in a person's own home or in an institutional setting such as a nursing home, neglect is a form of elder abuse. According to the World Health Organization, a 2017 study found that approximately 15.7% of people over 60 years old experienced abuse in the past year. Within that group, nearly 12% of reports from nursing home residents and their proxies related to neglect. In many cases, staff members were the perpetrators of elder abuse.

Reviewing the steps you should take following a car crash

You may have been in a minor car accident at some point in your life. If not, you may worry that, given the law of averages, a car crash is only a matter of time.

All you can do is drive safely and watch out for the other guy. If you ever become the victim of a car accident, here is a refresher on the steps you should take once your nerves settle down.

What is the purpose of investigating a workplace accident?

If you have been hurt in an accident at your job in Georiga, you may be wondering what the purpose of an investigation is when you have already told what has happened and your story is supported by other witness statements. While it may seem counterproductive at first glance, investigating your accident is actually highly beneficial for both you and your employer. 

When your accident happens, as soon as you are able, it is imperative that you provide as much detail as possible in regards to what happened that led up to your accident. Utilizing these details and any witness statements, your employer will be able to conduct their own investigation into the incident. Oftentimes, such investigations reveal a root cause to the issue that could point to modifications that need to be made in equipment procedures, response protocols and other factors that could better protect you and your coworkers in the future. 

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