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August 2015 Archives

Unique problems to avoid Georgia motorcycle accidents

Many of our Georgia readers may think that personal injury lawsuits based on car accidents and motorcycle accidents are similar, and in many ways, they are right. In both types of cases, the injured party will need to prove the liability of the alleged negligent party. Both types of cases will usually involve eyewitness testimony, and many different other exhibits of evidence, including photos of the area where the crash occurred and documentation of the injuries. However, there are a few unique factors that an injured motorcyclist may face.

Fighting back against Georgia nursing home neglect

Many Georgians live out the last few months or years of their lives as residents of a nursing home or assisted-living center. Most of these facilities are staffed by wonderfully caring and helpful people, who do everything in their power to make sure that the elderly residents are treated with respect and courtesy. However, it is impossible to deny that there are some cases of elder abuse and nursing home neglect that occur in some of these types of facilities.

Is there a new push to install seatbelts in school buses?

Many of our North Georgia readers probably rode a bus to and from school throughout much of their kindergarten through high school days. Indeed, most people throughout the country could probably say the same thing about their transportation to and from school. But, there is one part of riding a bus that almost no one would be able to recall -- wearing a seatbelt.

Is "aggressive driving" a form of recklessness?

Most of our North Georgia readers have probably heard the ubiquitous term "road rage." From time to time we see news reports about someone getting incredibly angry at another driver on the road, and then doing something completely ridiculous, like pulling a gun or getting into a physical confrontation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has termed "road rage" in a bit of a less inflammatory manner, terming it "aggressive driving."

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