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Damages in a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit

The vast majority of all civil cases, including those in Georgia, end with a determination and an award of damages. The exact nature of the damages received will depend on the type of case that is being heard and what the plaintiff request. Often times, what damages boils down to is a monetary award based off of compensatory or punitive. A wrongful death judgment can include an award for damages based off of one or both theories.

Wrongful death suit filed after man's death in police custody

Police agencies meant to "protect and serve" the general public. This means that every citizen, whether they are accused of a crime or not, is under the protection of the police. Unfortunately, is not practiced by some of the police officers walking the streets today. Today's police officers are often seen being overly aggressive toward the very public they are meant to protect. The aggressiveness of police has reached such levels that even devices such as Tasers, which are considered non-lethal, can become deadly in the hands of police.

Level the playing ground, turn the fight into Goliath vs. Goliath

A single car accident can change the course of a person's life, affecting all those around them in a profound manner. Not only can an accident injury a person to the point they are no longer able to work, but in the worst cases it can take their life. The roads of North Georgia bear the scars of thousands of accidents, some just fender-benders, others tragic moments never forgotten by those who experienced them.

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