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Month: January 2021

How common are falls in nursing homes?

When people get older, their joints degrade and their strength decreases. At the same time, changes in their spine and shoulders can shift their center of gravity. Older adults are often at much higher risk for falling than younger people. When they fall, older adults...

Helping your teen in the aftermath of a car crash

You got that phone call you’d been dreading ever since your teen got their driver’s license and took their first solo trip. They were involved in a crash. It happens to about 20% of all drivers within their first year. Much to your surprise, it wasn’t even their...

Wear lights if you run after dark

The winter months mean shorter, darker days. Even if the weather is good enough for you to go running outside, that increased darkness can impact your safety. An after-work jog that would have been carried out in the bright summer sunlight may be done at dusk or even...

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