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By Your Side Throughout The Workers’ Compensation Process

Any workplace can become dangerous as a moment’s notice. When you suffer an injury while on-the-job, you need to know that there is a system set up to provide you with resources to deal with the challenges of being unable to work. The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides you with financial benefits to help make ends meet while you are recovering from your injuries.

While these are essential benefits to people injured while working, it can be a very challenging experience to obtain these benefits. It can be incredibly frustrating, and it is important to have an experienced attorney working with you as you go through the process.

At Cromartie Law, our lawyer and staff will handle your claim from the initial application through the hearing and any necessary appeals before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Our firm represents employees who have been injured while working in virtually all types of occupations and industries. We represent factory workers, assembly line workers, construction workers, office workers and many others.

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Injured At Work? We Can Help.

Although there are many types of work accidents, some of the same rules apply to all of them. You need to report your workplace accident within 30 days of the accident or injury, and then you need to file your claim within a year of the accident or injury — even if your employer tries to convince you not to. If you are unsure of what to do, seek help from an attorney. You may decide to wait for a year to file your claim. However, having legal counsel can ensure that this is the most advisable decision for you.

Have You Encountered A Problem After Your Claim Was Approved?

Attorney Rick Cromartie also helps people whose claims have been approved and are now experiencing difficulties involving other matters such as:

  • The insurer may be trying to stop treatment too early.
  • The insurer may not want to pay for certain medical procedures even though the workers’ comp doctor claims it is necessary.
  • You are supposed to be working only light duty with medical restrictions, but your employer ignores those restrictions.
  • You are not receiving the correct income and benefits that were calculated based on your average weekly wage.

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