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Protecting People Injured By A Drunk Driver

Even though a law has been broken and negligence is clear, cases involving car accidents caused by drunk drivers can be challenging. At Cromartie Law, we understand the challenges that come with these cases, and we know how to overcome them. We have more than 25 years of experience that we use for the benefit of drunk driving accident victims in Floyd County and surrounding areas.

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Additional Compensation For Drunk Driving Accident Victims

In Georgia, accident victims of drunk drivers may seek compensation for punitive damages when there has been gross negligence, recklessness or intentional harm. This additional compensation goes beyond medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages that accident victims are typically entitled to.

Overcoming Challenges In Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Our founding attorney, Mr. Cromartie, previously worked as a defense lawyer for insurance companies and businesses. This experience gives us substantial insight into our opponents’ decision-making processes. We design our strategies accordingly.

  • In drunk driving accident cases, our opponents have a unique strategy: They will say that the coverage they provided to the negligent driver does not extend to punitive damages. Sometimes, they will say that the coverage does not cover drunk driving accidents at all.
  • In some cases, they are right, which means we need to look elsewhere to get the compensation our client needs. This may mean taking advantage of the victim’s own insurance coverage or looking elsewhere for other parties that may have been responsible in some way for the accident.

Learn More About Your Rights

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