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Swimming Pool Accidents May Lead To Tragedy

In Georgia, we love a nice, cool swimming pool on those hot summer days. Too often, however, swimming pools can lead to tragic injuries and even death. The frustrating part is that some of these accidents are preventable. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a pool owner’s negligence, contact us at Cromartie Law to discuss your rights. Call our Rome office at 706-622-4853 for a free attorney consultation.

Understanding Premises Liability And Pools

All property owners in Georgia have a duty of care toward guests and visitors on their property. That means they must warn people of a dangerous condition on the property. This concept is called premises liability, and can lead to personal injury claims. Swimming pools are somewhat unique because they are inherently dangerous, and pool owners are expected to take reasonable precautions with them by properly marking the pool, providing supervision for children and locking the pool behind a fence when not in use.

Georgia’s laws also recognize comparative fault. That means if your own negligence helped cause the accident, a jury may only award you a portion of the compensation you ask for. For example, if you were running alongside a pool on the wet pavement and slipped and fell into the pool, the jury might have found that you contributed to the accident by running on a wet surface. You must be less than 50 percent liable to recover any damages.

Swimming Accident Injuries Can Be Devastating

Swimming pool accidents can cause serious injuries, some of which are life-changing. If you or a loved one nearly drowned, but were ultimately saved, you may be grateful, but you may have been left with traumatic brain injuries from oxygen deprivation.

Another common injury results from diving into shallow water and hitting your head on the bottom of the pool, which may cause spinal cord damage or a brain injury. These injuries can cause paralysis and neurological problems.

Too often, swimming accidents result in a tragic death. If you lost a loved one to a drowning accident, you may be considering a wrongful death claim. Please contact our office to discuss what such a case might involve.

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