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September 2018 Archives

Nursing home sued over resident's fatal fall

Those who entrust the care of their loved ones to nursing homes in Rome do so with the expectation that the staffs of such facilities are willing and equipped to provide the type of monitored and consistent care they themselves cannot. If concerns exist about a facility's ability to do so, one may look at the fact that a facility is licensed through the state as evidence that such worries are not warranted. Yet simply because a facility has a current license to provide care does not mean that instances of abuse and neglect have not happened there before. 

Allergy season and the risk of an accident

In many parts of the country, people struggle with allergies due to pollen during September, especially ragweed pollen. Allergies can make daily life very difficult, causing someone to have terrible headaches, a runny nose and constant sneezing. While these challenges may not seem very serious, especially since they are temporary and eventually pass when pollen levels go down, they can make life incredibly hard. Unfortunately, those with severe allergies may be more likely to cause a collision for different reasons.

Having a seizure behind the wheel

There are many threats to safety when it comes to driving. Some threats are fully within a person’s ability to control, but they fail to do so as a result of their reckless behavior (driving while taking drugs or drinking alcohol, speeding and so forth). There are other risk factors that a driver may not be able to control, such as having a seizure behind the wheel. For example, those with epilepsy may pose a very serious threat to others on the road if they decide to drive and end up having a seizure.

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