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Helmets and good posture make for a safer bike ride

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Firm News

Cycling has great health benefits because it is a cardio workout for the whole body. However, bicycle injuries happen.

Here are four of the most common injuries you might experience as a cyclist and how best to prevent them.

Neck pain

Neck pain begins when the muscle at the base of the skull tightens up. The tightness extends down the sides of the neck to the shoulders, which get tired carrying the weight of the head for long periods of time. Make sure your bicycle is a good fit for your body and keep a looser grip on your handlebars.

Lower back pain

Bicycle riding requires the body to be in the same flexed position for a long time and creates stress for the spinal column, which can result in lower back pain. To remedy the problem, keep a straight back as you ride.

Knee pain

People who ride a lot will often use cleats to fasten the bottoms of their shoes to the bike pedals. If the cleats are not in the proper position, the result will be sharp knee pain. Patella and quadriceps tendinitis are common knee injuries. Simply fix the cleat position and consider purchasing cycling insoles, as well.

Head trauma

One of the worst injuries for a cyclist is head trauma or TBI, and most head injuries occur when the cyclist has a collision with a car. A study by researchers at the University of Arizona showed that cyclists who wear helmets are 58 percent less likely to suffer a serious head injury.

Being involved in a bicycle accident is a traumatic experience, particularly in the case of severe head injuries. If you are the victim of a car-bicycle collision, you can file a claim for financial compensation to cover medical bills, loss of wages and other damages. 

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