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September 2017 Archives

Helping your child move on from a traffic accident

Motor vehicle collisions can make life hard in all sorts of ways, whether they cause physical pain or mental trauma. From financial burdens to life changes, such as being unable to work, there are many different ways in which victims can have trouble recovering. However, our law firm recognizes that it can be especially upsetting for parents to deal with an auto accident that their child was involved in. If your child is struggling with any of the consequences associated with a crash, you should do what you can to assist them during this difficult time.

Avoiding a car crash during flu season

With flu season approaching, there are all sorts of hazards drivers should be mindful of, from inclement weather such as snow and roads covered in ice to drunk drivers over the holidays. However, there are even more potential risk factors that you should keep an eye out for. For example, if you become ill due to the flu, your ability to drive safely could be negatively impacted by symptoms associated with your illness. In Rome, and cities all around Georgia, these accidents can turn fatal and often throw lives into chaos even when nobody passes away.

Why is nursing home staffing so important?

Your loved one needs long-term care because of mobility or health issues, and you may assume that the Georgia nursing home staff will provide that assistance. However, this is not necessarily the case, particularly if he or she needs a significant amount of staff attention for basic self-care tasks such as getting out of bed or a chair, walking or going to the bathroom.

Drivers and pedestrians must obey crosswalk and intersection laws

Pedestrian safety is a priority in the traffic laws of Georgia. When foot travelers and drivers of cars share the road, it is important they follow safety guidelines. However, they must also obey the laws governing both forms of travel in order to avoid collisions and personal injury or death.

Moving forward after a workplace traffic crash

Work-related accidents take all sorts of forms, some of which have been covered on this blog. From construction site accidents to repetitive strain, workers are hurt in many ways in Rome and other cities across Georgia. Our law firm also realizes the traffic-related dangers that workers in various fields face on a daily basis. For example, a taxi driver, large truck driver, delivery truck driver, or someone running errands for their employer could all become involved in a traffic collision while performing their job duties.

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