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February 2018 Archives

Recovering from a high-profile car crash

Whenever an accident takes place on the road, the outcome will likely create multiple problems for those involved. For example, someone may struggle with their insurance company or have difficulty with physical pain and stress brought on by the crash. For some people, however, these accidents can be especially hard, such as those who are involved in a high-profile car accident.

When a work accident leaves an employee immobilized

People hurt themselves in the workplace in various ways, from falling off of ladders on construction sites to slipping on a floor that was wet or tripping over a cord. Sometimes, employees are lucky to survive an on-the-job accident. Unfortunately, some of those who are able to survive serious work-related mishaps may face other challenges that can make life incredibly difficult for their loved ones and interrupt their career. For example, an injured worker may struggle with medical costs, missing out on wages they were counting on, or never being able to walk again.

Cosmetic concerns after a collision

Our blog has addressed some of the different consequences that car accident victims and their loved ones may face, whether someone breaks a bone or passes away in a crash. Sometimes, these accidents bring on other types of hardships that can also be devastating, even though they are not given as much attention. For example, an auto accident victim may have cosmetic concerns due to scars, disfiguring facial injuries, and other issues. These types of injuries can be especially upsetting for victims and may have a negative impact on their lives in different ways.

What are some causes of trucker fatigue?

For all drivers, fatigue can be incredibly dangerous. When people are too tired to drive to the fullest of their ability, they may be more likely to cause a fatal accident or a crash which leaves innocent people with injuries. Unfortunately, this problem is especially concerning in the trucking industry and many large truck drivers take to the road when they are too tired. In Georgia, and on roads across the United States, truck companies and drivers should recognize this problem and take steps to reduce the prevalence of truck driver fatigue.

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