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November 2014 Archives

What is the reasonable standard of care for nursing homes?

Although they project the image of home and family in the many ads splashed across TV screens and billboards alike, nursing homes are a business. People pay the facilities money so that they will provide care for their residents. Because they are taking on the responsibility of care for others for payment nursing homes owe their residents a reasonable standard of care.

Car accidents: using the phone while driving in Georgia

Georgia driving is one of the more dangerous activities humans engage in on a nearly daily basis. While most people would disagree, driving is legally a privilege not a right and, as with any privilege, there are many rules and regulations that controls a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. Before a person can even legally drive, they must comply with the age, skill and knowledge requirements of Georgia law. Once they have obtained their license, they must then use the knowledge they obtained and drive while adhering to traffic laws.

Georgia family die after being rear-ended on highway

Not only are Georgia car accidents seemingly random, but so are their effects. A car can be completely mangled, but the driver walks away without a scratch. What appears to be nothing more than a fender bender, can result in years of pain and rehabilitation. A small bump to the back of a moving car sends it spiraling out of control, taking the lives of all inside, but the car and driver that hit them suffer no damage. The type and results of an accident are almost limitless, but one thing remains the same, the serious effects it has on its victims and those that love them.

Georgia collision between truck and car kills two

When on the road in Rome and throughout Georgia, drivers need to be vigilant of the presence of large trucks on the road. These vehicles are heavy, massive and can cause a significant amount of damage if there is a collision, especially if it is with a smaller vehicle. While in most instances, a truck driver is cautious and operates his or her vehicle safely, there are times when the driver might have been driving too long without a break, is speeding or violating some other law leading to a semi truck accident. Even if the driver is operating the vehicle safely, circumstances can lead to a crash.

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