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July 2014 Archives

Police believe drag race led to fatal car crash that killed woman

For drivers in Rome, a motor vehicle accident is an inconvenience as long as no one is hurt. However, when there is a significant amount of recklessness, negligence and wanton disregard for the safety of others, there is a substantial chance for injuries or a fatal car crash to occur. Any car wreck can cause damage, but if it results in a fatality, the family of the person who was killed will have to deal with the loss of a loved one and the knowledge that it didn't have to happen.

Wal-Mart faces suit over accident that left one dead

Semi-trucks carry over half of the United States' goods to various points across the several states, as well as Canada. Being a professional driver is not without its risk, as most auto accidents are caused by human error. The roadways are full of drivers being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices, but semi-truck drivers who spend long hours traversing America's interstates have to contend with a greater threat: fatigue.

2 charged after fatal car accident on Interstate 75/85 in Georgia

With all the ads reminding drivers to drive safely around motorcycles and to avoid driving after consuming alcohol, there is no reason a drunk driver should be on the road. There is also no reason a driver should hit a motorcycle. In a recent accident along Interstate 75/85 in Atlanta, an alleged drunk driver hit a motorcycle in an accident that was fatal.

Nursing home sued over multiple charges of neglect

When a family cannot take care of an elderly or physically challenged relative, a nursing home is often the only alternative. It is imperative that anyone choosing a nursing home for a loved one takes a close look at the home's policies. Some nursing homes may look good at first glance, but what goes on behind the scenes isn't what most people want for their family members. Such is the situation where a state government is suing a nursing home for multiple charges of neglect. Although this case didn't occur in Georgia, the circumstances unfortunately are not limited by location and could occur in this state as well.

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