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November 2015 Archives

How can families avoid medication errors by a nursing home?

Thousands of Georgia residents rely on nursing homes to care for elderly loved ones. In many situations, family members simply do not have the necessary medical skills to care for aging loved ones, and the best thing for the loved one's health and quality of life is living in a nursing home where they can receive the around-the-clock care they need. Nonetheless, our Georgia readers have probably seen previous posts here that detail some of the potential problems, including nursing home neglect and abuse that elderly residents of nursing homes may face. One such potential problem is medication errors.

Tips for spotting drunk drivers in Georgia

Most Georgians actively look to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. In terms of driving in Georgia, the term "defensive driving" is often used to describe how a person should be ever vigilant to avoid being involved in a car accident. But, do our readers know how to spot one of the greatest dangers on the road: drunk drivers?

Is Georgia's I-285 the deadliest highway for car accidents?

Many North Georgia residents commute in and around Atlanta on a daily basis. The Atlanta area, a major metropolitan sprawl, is no stranger to car accidents, many of them deadly. But, are Georgia residents putting themselves in a more dangerous situation than they even realize when they take the Atlanta bypass?

Do regulations require Georgia truck drivers get drug tested?

Many of our North Georgia readers know that millions of employees throughout America are subject to random drug testing, from fast-food workers to police officers to professional athletes. Why is this practice so prevalent? It is actually quite simple -- most employers have no interest in employing a person who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the job. As our readers can probably imagine, this is of particular importance for truck drivers.

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