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January 2020 Archives

CVSA's 2020 International Roadcheck to take place in May

Every year in Georgia and across the rest of North America, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a 72-hour inspection blitz called the International Roadcheck. CMV drivers are stopped at random to see if they are in compliance with all driver- and truck-related federal regulations. If they fail the tests, they or their trucks are put out of service.

What you need to know about bed sores and nursing homes

The day you helped your loved one move into a Georgia nursing home might have been a day filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, you were likely relieved and glad that your family member was moving into a secure environment where he or she would be safe and well cared for, especially when you are unable to be there. On the other hand, you understand that it's often difficult for elderly people to leave their homes and independence behind.

Federal agency to investigate trucking accidents

Truck accidents can pose a real threat to others on the road in Georgia. Because of the size and weight of these large vehicles, those involved in a crash with a semi-truck are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or even fatalities. Some statistics have indicated that large truck crashes are on the rise, prompting concerns. Now, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced that it is planning its first major study of tractor-trailer collisions in 15 years. The FMCSA study will look at the problems involved in large truck collisions, including the potential influence of mobile devices and distracted driving on trucking accidents.

Support wanes as red light cameras prove a double-edged sword

Red light running is behind many auto, bicyclist and pedestrian accidents in Georgia, some of which are fatal. In a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey, 92.9% of drivers said they know that running a red light is wrong, yet 42.7% admitted to doing it at least once in the previous 30 days.

IIDs can be a source of distraction for many drivers

Ignition interlock devices provide an effective way to curb drunk driving. They are so effective that Georgia and 33 other states have a law requiring DUI offenders to install an IID in their vehicle. This device is nothing more than an in-car Breathalyzer, and it prevents a car from starting if the driver fails the test.

OSHA refines how agency collects data about amputation injuries

The machinery within manufacturing facilities in Georgia frequently has the potential to injure workers seriously. Inadequate machine guards and poor maintenance heighten the risk that workers could suffer injuries that cause amputations or death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration takes amputations seriously, and the agency has announced updates to how its inspectors collect data about amputations.

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