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September 2012 Archives

DUI suspect linked to additional hit-and-run incident

With thousands of drivers on Georgia's roads, car accidents have become an increasing threat. Innocent people are injured or killed by gross negligence and carelessness on the part of other drivers. In these instances, particularly when the collision involves use of drugs or alcohol, victims could stand to seek compensation.

Georgia State Patrol report several injured in recent wreck

Passengers involved in a car accident in Georgia can seek compensation for their injuries if the driver was engaged in reckless or otherwise negligent behavior that resulted in the crash. Drivers bear the responsibility for passengers in their care, and those injured in an auto accident should seek to learn their rights and legal responsibilities in order to determine how to proceed after a wreck.

Georgia drunk-driving victim suffers broken bones in all of her limbs

After the shock of being hit by another driver wears off, imagine the immense horror that would come over you if your car started smoking. Further, not only is your car smoking, but you have broken bones in all of your limbs and can't get out of the vehicle. You worry your car is going to go up in flames, and you feel helpless. This nightmare was reality for one Georgia victim injured in an auto accident Sept. 1.

Rome woman injured after car knocked down embankment

Drivers in Georgia and throughout the country have an obligation to remain alert and cautious on the road. Failure to abide by the rules of the road too often results in injuries to innocent parties. Unfortunately, that appears to have been the case in a recent Floyd County accident involving an elderly motorist.

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