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The most common causes of car accidents in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Car accidents

Motor vehicle travel will always be risky so long as human error is potentially a factor. Crashes cause a significant number of preventable deaths and are a leading cause of many severe injuries, like amputations. Despite improvements in vehicle design and better road design as well, crashes remain a part of daily life in Georgia.

Some people end up hurt or struggling with expensive property damage losses. Others may die or develop a life-altering medical condition because of a collision. They will also have significant financial consequences related to medical costs and lost wages. Certain crashes are truly outside of the control of the people involved. They involve catastrophic road failures, issues with vehicles or inclement weather.

Many major crashes are potentially preventable when drivers make better decisions in traffic. Those who understand the top causes of collisions in Georgia may be in a better position to avoid a crash or hold someone else accountable for a wreck. The following are the leading causes of major wrecks in Georgia.

Drunk driving

Unfortunately, despite years of public awareness campaigns and enforcement efforts, many people still drive drunk. Some do so because they overestimate their driving ability. Others underestimate how much the alcohol they consume affects their ability. Drunk drivers are typically responsible for the crashes that they cause if they injure or kill another person.

Distracted driving

Cell phone addiction has become a significant safety issue in the United States. Many people cannot tolerate going even a 20-minute commute without checking their incoming emails and text messages. People also frequently groom themselves or eat at the wheel. Any of these places might lead to them overlooking changing traffic conditions and causing a severe collision.

Traffic infractions

A surprising number of people would never drive drunk but think very little of speeding, running a red light or failing to consistently use their turn signals. Quite a few crashes occur because of dangerous driving practices, like tailgating others in traffic.

When someone recognizes that a recent collision likely occurred because of someone else’s unsafe conduct on the road, they may decide that they want to take legal action. Filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit may be an appropriate response when someone experiences significant losses because of a crash caused by someone else.

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