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March 2019 Archives

Are employees required to wear protective footwear?

When it comes to workplace accidents, many different hazards threaten the lives and safety of workers across many fields. In this post, we will look into footwear, which can help protect workers who may be exposed to various hazards. In some instances, workers may be required to wear protective footwear, while those employed in other fields may not. However, someone employed in any industry may sustain a foot injury while on the job and it is pivotal to watch out for hazards.

Gwinnett County collision causes pregnant mother to lose baby

A question that often accompanies personal injury lawsuits filed in Rome may be how much those bringing such action are entitled to collect. There may not be an easy answer to that question due to every injury case being unique. Typically, accident victims may be able to recover the cost of their medical expenses. Those injured in a car accident may also be awarded damages to help pay for any repairs that need to be performed on their vehicle (or to pay for an entirely new car). Then there is the matter of compensating for pain and suffering, which can differ from case to case. 

Drug addiction and recovering from a crash

Auto accident victims face a number of hardships on their road to recovery, and some people have an especially difficult time moving forward. For example, those who sustained massive injuries in the wreck may have a considerable amount of physical pain, and they may never be able to enjoy life in the same way ever again. Sometimes, people are prescribed pain medication because the challenges they are facing are so severe. Unfortunately, this has led to addiction in some people, which can make the accident even more disruptive from a long-term standpoint.

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