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Are employees required to wear protective footwear?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2019 | workers' compensation

When it comes to workplace accidents, many different hazards threaten the lives and safety of workers across many fields. In this post, we will look into footwear, which can help protect workers who may be exposed to various hazards. In some instances, workers may be required to wear protective footwear, while those employed in other fields may not. However, someone employed in any industry may sustain a foot injury while on the job and it is pivotal to watch out for hazards.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, protective footwear is required for those who are employed in a workplace environment where foot injuries are a serious concern, whether there are falling objects or workers face the risk of electrocution. Aside from those employed in the construction industry, for example, workers in other fields (such as those who work in a warehouse) may need to protect their feet as well, even if they only face these risks once in a while.

In an office space, workers may not face these risks and, as a result, they may not be required to wear protective footwear according to OSHA regulations.  However, a worker who is wearing open-toed shoes in an office may sustain a foot injury when someone walking by drops a heavy object on their foot, or a large item falls off of a desk. Foot injuries can be very serious and may leave a worker unable to continue performing their job duties, and they may also have a lot of physical pain and medical costs as well.

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