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February 2020 Archives

Studies find semi-autonomous cars may have distracted drivers

Some people in Georgia may have heard that autonomous vehicles will make roads much safer. While this may be true, there is some evidence that semi-autonomous vehicles might be making roads less safe. Drivers in semi-autonomous vehicles tend to relax and allow themselves to be distracted, and this means that they do not always react in time when their attention is required.

Worst 10 cities for car accidents ranked in recent report

In 2019, there were 953,630 car crashes in Georgia and across the U.S. This marks a 6.8% increase from 2018, which saw 892,615 crashes. The transportation nonprofit Go Safe Labs has come out with a list of the 10 cities that saw the most crashes in 2019 as well as a list of 10 "hotspots" where the most accidents arose.

Three necessary steps to preventing workplace falls

Falls are behind 15% of all worker deaths in Georgia and across the U.S. In the construction industry, the danger is even greater with falls accounting for one-third of all worker deaths. Even when they don't end in death, falls can cause severe injuries and disabilities. Their effect can be wide-ranging: Employers may notice, for example, a loss of morale and a decline in productivity.

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