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February 2013 Archives

Stranger saves injured motorcyclist after hit-and-run accident

Being a responsible driver includes avoiding sudden actions that could endanger motorcyclists on the road, such as cutting across lanes or making wide turns. A person involved in a motorcycle accident may be more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries because the rider can easily be ejected from the vehicle or suffer the full impact of a crash. Luckily, one Georgia motorcyclist was rescued by a kind stranger after what could have been a potentially fatal motorcycle crash.

Investigation continues into I-16 crash

A highway is a busy place, with a variety of vehicles all expected to share the same roadway. Everyone driving must remain alert to the things going on around them, because it only takes one negligent driver to cause an accident that can change the lives of numerous people forever. As readers in Rome might be aware, such an accident took place on a local Georgia highway recently.

Georgia interstate pileup kills four, injures nine

Multivehicle accidents in Floyd County and the surrounding area can be some of the most catastrophic on the road. The chaotic nature of a multiple-car crash can make it particularly difficult for emergency crews to access the scene.Truck accidents can be especially hazardous. Some truck and trailer assemblies carry hazardous materials, while others are dangerous because of their size or weight.

Georgia man killed in semi-truck accident

Driving near an 18-wheeler can be terrifying when it seems like the driver of the large vehicle isn't paying attention to the road. Large trucks have blind spots that make it difficult to see other drivers on the road, and driving next to these vehicles can be a hazard. In some cases, truck accidents cause severe damage and serious injuries to drivers in smaller vehicles.

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