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August 2019 Archives

Understanding the pressures placed on truck drivers

The dangers associated with speeding likely do not need to be explained to most in Rome. While many might feel as though they can remain in complete control of their vehicles at high speeds, statistics suggest otherwise. Indeed, per information shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding accounted for over a quarter of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. in 2017. If regular vehicles are hard to control at high speeds, one can only imagine how much more difficult it might be to safely operate a speeding semi-truck. 

How should you file a formal complaint against a nursing home?

When you did your research to find a reliable nursing home facility in Georgia that met your expectations for a quality standard of care for your loved one, you probably did not picture yourself having to file a complaint about the treatment of your family member. However, since you have begun to notice discrepancies and are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of your loved one, it has become necessary to file a formal complaint. 

When you can legally sue your employer for an injury

If you have received a substantial injury at your workplace in Georgia, the long-term effects could affect everything from your ability to work in the future to your ability to accomplish daily activities the way you had before. At Cromartie Law, we know the challenges that workers face when they are injured at work and are committed to helping ease their burden. 

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