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How much are pain and suffering damages?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Car accidents

You probably already know this if you were injured, but damages people suffer from severe injuries often go well beyond medical bills and lost work. That is why the state of Georgia could allow you to sue for two types of damages.

Commonly known as pain and suffering, there are probably damages in your life that you are unable to point to on a bill, a car repair invoice or a pay stub. The courts in Georgia call these general damages, and there is no legal limit to the amount you can pursue and reclaim in this category.

Even though there is no statutory limit, that does not preclude the possibility of a practical limit. As mentioned on FindLaw, should a case you brought go to trial, a jury would have to decide how much your pain and suffering was worth. Even though you are statistically likely to settle your personal injury case outside of court, both sides of the negotiation understand the fact that fair compensation for suffering is in everybody’s best interest.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Georgia would think about your whole situation when determining how much to for in terms of general damages. Although the final figure may come in the form of a simple multiplier of your economic damages that is simply a way to make it easier to communicate your needs. It would be likely that an attorney would take into account the suffering of your family, the extent of your injuries, the potential disposition of a jury and many other factors before coming up with this deceptively simple figure.

Therefore, while non-economic damages often seem simple, they are typically based on complex reasoning and specific case analysis. Therefore, please do not use this or any other generalized article as legal advice. It is only meant to be informative.


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