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When you can legally sue your employer for an injury

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | workers' compensation

If you have received a substantial injury at your workplace in Georgia, the long-term effects could affect everything from your ability to work in the future to your ability to accomplish daily activities the way you had before. At Cromartie Law, we know the challenges that workers face when they are injured at work and are committed to helping ease their burden. 

When you were hired for your job, you should have received information about whether or not your employer has a workers’ compensation policy. This information should have provided you with enough insight to know which steps to take in filing a claim for your injury so you can begin to receive benefits. You will want to be timely in filing your claim, accurate in the information you provide on your timeline and willing to answer questions about the incident. 

However, are there situations where you can legally sue your employer for the role they played in your accident? The answer is yes. It is important in more complicated situations to make sure that you are approaching any legal action with fairness, responsibility and respect so as not to further in damage or impede the relationship you have with your employer. According to Integrity Insurance, if you have evidence of the fact that your injury was caused because your employer acted negligently or carelessly, you can sue them. Likewise, if you have proof that your employer purposely acted in a way that caused your accident, you can also pursue legal action. 

Understanding when you can effectively file a lawsuit against your employer for your injury is critical to helping your cause and not embarrassing yourself or compromising your integrity because you acted prematurely. For more information about how to file a workers’ compensation claim, visit our web page.  

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