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Month: February 2021

Motorcycle accident claims the life of a teacher

The death of a Cobb County teacher here in Georgia due to a traffic crash has shaken a community to its core. Police say that the motorcycle accident that killed him never should have happened. They are now working diligently to determine the facts around this deadly...

Teen dies in crash with wrong-way driver

Any kind of fatal car crash is a tragedy, but when it involves the death of a young person, it can seem all the more devastating. One Georgia community is reeling after a motor vehicle accident involving a wrong-way driver reportedly took the life of a teen girl....

This is why drunk drivers often crash

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. For instance, you’re not necessarily breaking the law in Georgia if you consume an alcoholic beverage then get behind the wheel of a car to drive. It would depend on your blood alcohol content level at the...

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