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Daughters allege nursing home abuse of their mother

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | nursing home abuse and neglect

People in Georgia and across the country rely on long-term care facilities like nursing homes to watch over their loved ones when they cannot. Sadly, reports of nursing home abuse happen far too often, and many families feel powerless as they try to protect elder members of their family. Two sisters from out of state say that their mother suffered abuse at the hands of employees at her long-term care facility, and they want to alert the public of what they say is an ongoing problem.

A pattern of abuse?

The two women say that the main incident in question happened last spring. Their mother, who has dementia, was a resident of a long-term care facility. Police received a call to go to the facility, though it is not entirely clear why. Officers say that they discovered the woman with a bruised face and a large cut on her forehead. Police also allege that care workers claimed the woman had been known to hit herself, though the daughters deny this.

Police reported their findings to proper state and county authorities who are now looking into not just this case but others. Local media claims that 911 calls regarding this facility, including some made by residents, totaled 272 between 2019 and 2020. One report alleges that a worker laughed in response to a firefighter questioning why workers hadn’t helped a resident on the floor, while another report found nonworking electrical outlets in the room of a patient on a ventilator.

Help for elders and their families

Families whose elderly loved ones have been treated so horribly may feel as though they have nowhere to turn. Whether criminal charges in relation to nursing home abuse happen or not, filing a civil claim may be an effective choice. A personal injury or wrongful death claim, managed by an experienced attorney, may be the best means of holding responsible parties accountable and securing financial compensation that may be useful in providing future care.

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