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December 2019 Archives

Speeding, poor maintenance factors in truck crashes

Georgia motorists are often nervous or worried about sharing the road with large trucks. In some ways, their fears are often justified. A crash involving a tractor-trailer is far more likely to injure or kill occupants of other vehicles, simply due to the size and weight of a semi. There are a number of factors that can contribute to truck accidents. While truck drivers are often highly skilled and well-trained, they are vulnerable to the same types of distractions and poor decisions as others on the road. In addition, the consequences of these types of bad decisions can be much more severe.

AASM provides tips to prevent drowsy driving

Georgia residents should know that drowsy driving is a fast-growing public health concern. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a Sleep Prioritization Survey asking 2,003 U.S. adults whether they have had trouble keeping their eyes open while driving. Forty-five percent replied that they have.

Negligence: how it works in car accidents

Car accident victims in Georgia may be eligible for compensation under personal injury law, but they must prove that negligence on the other side caused their injuries, property damage or other losses. Negligence is anything that goes against the reasonable care that one should exercise toward others, such as the lawful entrants of a business property or for drivers and pedestrians.

Media investigation exposes Amazon warehouse accident cover-up

Online retailer Amazon has been harshly criticized in recent years for providing its warehouse workers in Georgia and around the country with unsafe conditions. The Seattle-based company has repeatedly denied allegations that it concealed workplace injuries and manipulated warehouse accident reports, but a recent media investigation claims that the organization either refused to share injury logs with its employees or provided them with redacted records on at least a dozen occasions.

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