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Finding closure after the death of a loved one

People pass away every day. Some pass away after a long and full life surround by loved ones, but others are not so fortunate. When the death of a loved one is caused by the actions of another party, the need to hold that party accountable for their actions can be strong. This often results in a civil lawsuit being filed against the person responsible. While money can never replace a loved one or fill the void left by their absence, it can cover the cost of medical bills, funeral arrangements and much more during a time of mourning.

Who do I sue if multiple people contributed to my injury?

You're at a stop light and a car hits you from behind, pushing your vehicle out into the intersection. Luckily for you the light has just turned green and there should be no oncoming traffic. But a car that tried to beat the red light T-bones your vehicle, injuring you. While you are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries, the question turns to who is it that owes you, how much and for what.

When can a plaintiff recover punitive damages for a car accident?

People file civil cases for a nearly limitless amount of reasons, but most cases can be summed up as seeking to make someone stop or start engaging in an activity, a contract dispute, or a dispute over damages. The various types of awards granted are used to try and make a party whole again or at the very least compensate them for their injuries.

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