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July 2015 Archives

Facing the challenges of a hit and run case

Many Georgia residents have been in a car accident before. For most, it was a simple fender bender, perhaps with some minor damage to their car, but no injuries. But, there are some people who aren't as fortunate, and they are involved in car accidents that involve major damage and significant injuries. One of the most concerning types of car accidents that involve these factors is a hit and run accident.

About one-third of all car accidents are speed-related

Everyone who receives a driver's license is supposed to pass a written test and a driving test. These tests are administered to attempt to ensure that everyone who is operating a vehicle on Georgia's roadways knows how to operate a vehicle safely and within the confines of traffic regulations. However, we all know that most people do not drive the same on their own as they do in front of a driver's education instructor. Speeding is very common.

It is important to take nursing home abuse and neglect seriously

Throughout the country, state and local governments are trying to raise public awareness regarding elder abuse. In some cases, unsuspecting senior citizens are victimized by random phone and mail scams, but in other cases a family member may be abusing the elderly person or taking advantage of their finances. One problem that is increasingly gaining more of a national focus is nursing home abuse and neglect.

What is a pedestrian's duty to avoid a car collision?

Most of our Georgia readers know that many car accidents involve a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. These types of auto accidents are, unfortunately, quite common, despite the fact that many cities and towns throughout the country are making a point of making their public areas more accessible to pedestrians.

The right approach in a wrongful death claim

When a North Georgia resident loses a family member due to the negligence of another person, the loss is usually unexpected and devastating. Every day throughout America, people die in motorcycle accidents, car accidents and truck accidents. Many others die in accidents at a work site, or due to a faulty product. Accidents of many different kinds are one of the leading causes of death in America. For the family members of a person who dies in an accident, it may seem like there are no options.

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