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Pedestrian crash fatalities hit a 40-year high last year

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Pedestrian accidents

Walking is one of the healthiest habits that people can develop. Medical research indicates that those who regularly walk tend to have healthier lives than the average person even if they don’t engage in more strenuous exercise regularly. They gain less weight, maintain healthier cardiovascular systems and have less joint pain than others who don’t walk every day.

Despite see theoretical health benefits of walking, people have to accept certain risks as well. Encounters with motor vehicles are the most pressing safety concern for anyone who walks, jogs or runs in public spaces. If a pedestrian walks on a rural road or in an urban area where paths cross public roads, they are at risk of a crash caused by a motor vehicle. Pedestrian crashes can easily cause tragedies, as vehicles could cause fatal injuries even at relatively low speeds. According to federal collision data, pedestrian fatalities are more of a concern now than they have been in years.

What does the recent crash research show?

Tracking pedestrian crash rates across the country allows government entities to better plan appropriate safety measures for the protection of the public. The data gathered in 2022 indicates that pedestrians are at an all-time high regarding the degree of risk that they have when out walking.

There were at least 7,500 pedestrian deaths in 2022. That figure is the highest of any year since 1981, and the state of Oklahoma did not report pedestrian fatalities in time for their inclusion. The total number of pedestrian deaths is probably higher than 7,000.

A pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle may have the option of filing an insurance claim. When the injuries involved are significant, pedestrians may have grounds for a civil lawsuit if the costs generated in the collision are beyond what insurance would cover.

Those who are aware of how their risk has increased in recent years may be in a better position to protect themselves on the road and may also be more attuned to the fact that they have the right to take action when someone else hurts them as a result of negligence or traffic law violations. As such, understanding the real-world implications of recent traffic trends may help people better advocate for themselves if they get hurt while out on a walk.

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